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Where Are We With Our Global Oil Reserves and Supply – Peak Oil?

Well, it should be evident or quite obvious by now that global warming is a complete sham. No, not everyone has caught on, and there are still media holdouts, but most of the scientists realize that that research money flowing into their coffers is coming to an end, and the game is over. This pretending game of anti-fossil fuel propaganda is so seriously flawed, I can’t imagine anyone buying into that notion.

Is Wind The Best Renewable Source of Energy?

Renewable forms of energy are those that replenish themselves naturally and at a faster pace then they are used. One, almost perfect, example of renewable energy is wind.

Was Global Nuclear Power Really Only One Disaster Away From Demise?

Okay so, my grandfather was a nuclear physicist at SLAC or Stanford Linear Accelerator and so, you can imagine that his grandson is pro-nuclear power. Some say that nuclear power costs far too much per kilowatt hour, but I would disagree, rather I would suggest to you that some of the regulations, and the difficulty in getting a nuclear power plant established due to EIRs or environmental impact reports is what is driving a good bit of that cost. Also, we all know that the storage of spent nuclear fuel rods isn’t cheap, and there’s that whole challenge with…

How Much Oil Is Really Out There, Not Even the Ferrangi Really Know

Well, everyone is talking about the price of oil again, and we are in an election year, and at a time when our government is spending money to prop up the economy. Of course, it’s hard to hold the economy up when it’s being dragged down by the price of fuel. Indeed, maybe it’s good that we are talking about the cost of energy right now, it should always be an issue, as it is a major component of our economy, and a major flow in our civilization.

Hydro Energy Using the Power of Flowing Water

Hydro Energy is a renewable energy resource that uses the movement of water to rotate a water turbine or wheel which in turn produces a rotational mechanical output. The potential energy of the moving water is released as work because the water is in motion and the best way to put large amounts of water in motion is to let gravity do the work. Then the most important element for the production of “Hydro Energy” is not the water itself, but gravity, as it is gravity that makes the water move.

Sahara India Pariwar Collaboration With Korea East West Power Company

Sahara India Pariwar is one of the prominent India based organisations which is found and managed by Subrata Roy Sahara. This company has varied business interest and that includes Life insurance, mutual funds, housing finance, infrastructure housing.

Future Innovation Doesn’t Mean Taking Your Mind Off the Ball

Boy, we sure hear a lot about future innovation. We hear about how we must lead the world with new inventions, creativity, and concepts. And yes, that’s all fine and good, but that doesn’t mean we should take our eye off the ball in the present.

Taking Measure of Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

There’s widespread consensus among the scientific community that human activities are altering the Earth’s climate through increased greenhouse gas emissions, causing the potential for large-scale adverse health, social, economic and ecological effects. There’s also an abundance of scientific evidence that many of the predicted environmental changes are now occurring. What may not be so clear is how climate change will affect the lodging industry in particular, what the industry can do to combat it, and where you can start to do your part.

Solar Energy – Producing Green and Changing Power

This article is about how solar energy is changing lives and the economy. New advances in solar energy are making it very competitive.

Nuclear Energy Is Here To Stay, Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Ever since the nuclear disasters in Japan and Chernobyl the public seems to be concerned with the safety implications of nuclear power generation. But with an ever expanding hunger for additional cheap power there are a few pros that are often overlooked.

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