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Offshore Wind Gains Watery Foothold

A wind farm is expected to sprout from Lake Erie five to 10 miles offshore from Cleveland. It’ll start small at 20 megawatts or so. But the developer, nonprofit Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. has bigger plans, aiming for 1,000 megawatts over the next decade.

Does Nuclear Power Lead to Weapons Proliferation?

The developed world does not want nuclear proliferation, so they take measures to guard against it. It can be argued that nuclear power plants are contributing to a proliferation problem by increasing the availability of nuclear materials such as used fuel. On the other hand it can be argued that nuclear power plants are steadily using up the world’s supply of nuclear warhead material. In order for a rogue state to develop a nuclear weapon, they would have to hide their equipment from the most advanced countries in the world. Lastly, newer conceptions of the nuclear power plant may one day end our fears of nuclear proliferation because they will consume most of our nuclear material stockpiles. Our conclusion is that development of nuclear power that is properly managed and regulated should not lead to increased proliferation risk.

The Main Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that is obtained from natural sources–such as the sun and wind–and can be replenished or renewed naturally. Since renewable energy can usually be obtained without doing significant harm to the environment, people have been developing many ways to utilize it efficiently.

More Coal and More Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We’re apparently not close to moving away from fossil fuels if the current dirty coal plant building boom is any indication. A recent Associated Press assessment of U.S. Department of Energy records and information provided by utilities and trade groups revealed that at least 30 traditional style coal plants have either been completed or have broken ground since 2008.

Glacial Energy – One Of The Natural Alternatives For Cheap Electricity

If you’re looking for cheap and affordable electricity, you can turn to nature! Our natural resources can offer us untapped, cheaper energy than in commercial sources. Read more about how you can get it.

Solar Power For Today’s World

Historically the use of solar cells has been limited due to expensive manufacturing costs and relatively low solar cell efficiency. More recently, advances in research and scale of production have both reduced costs and increased efficiencies, allowing for many varied and innovative uses.

The Reason Many People Buy Solar Panels

These panels are installed on the roof of your home in appropriate places to catch the sun’s rays. They are now manufactured in all sizes so it is easy to Buy Solar Panels that will be exactly right for your particular situation. It is always a good idea to have a licensed contractor who is familiar with this type of installation to do the job.

Buy Wind Turbine – Save The Planet And A Lot Of Money

If the three words “buy wind turbine” have been going around in your mind for a while then you may already be aware that many people view wind power as a more efficient option as compared to other alternative energy sources such as solar power. Wind has been used as a means of energy for hundreds if not thousands of years. Today you can get your own ready made wind turbine installed in your home and create your own never ending supply of electricity.

Solar Panels That Will Save You Money

Today more people are interested in solar panels than ever before. They have started to be seen as a viable alternative for regular sources of energy and not just in residential properties but also for commercial buildings. There are, in fact, many benefits that a modern solar array can bring which this article will explore.

Renewable Energy And The Environment

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months you cannot be unaware of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It took months to stop the oil gushing out and, even now, that saga is not over.

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