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The Global Demand for Crude Oil

Crude Oil and natural gas have been the key commodities that have played a very significant role in determining the course of international trade and commerce. It has been an important player for any country since it is very much needed as a fuel, for the transportation services and also for the various industrial applications.

Another Half-Baked “Global-Warming, Green-The-World” Idea Bites the Dust – Heard About Ethanol?

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory reported that use of ethanol fuels leads to increased levels of toxins called aldehydes and peroxyacyl nitrates (PAN), the aldehydes being much more reactive in the atmosphere than the alcohols they are made from. While usage of ethanol as an auto fuel additive improves air quality by reducing hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions, it also increases the release of certain other pollutants, as described in “Environmental Science & Technology”, These pollutants react with other chemicals in urban atmospheres to set off chemical reactions leading to PAN, which once created, can last in the air for many weeks, under cold temperature conditions. PAN is highly toxic to plants and is a powerful eye irritant.

A Discussion on Green Investment Bank

A lot of money is required in order to undergo project related to low-carbon ones and for those that required renewable energy. In order to fund these projects as a necessary step to make the green revolution successful, the green investment bank have been created and developed in the United Kingdom. It is through this specific bank that all the financial aspect of the green projects is upheld.

Green Electricity Tariffs

You may be aware that you can switch your energy tariff to a renewable energy or green electricity one. This means that rather than using carbon producing fossil fuels you will be using a carbon free source of energy.

Nuclear Energy Option in Germany

Germany is by many considered as one of the leading countries when it comes to supporting the development of renewable energy. Having this in mind, the latest report according to which Germany would extend the life of its nuclear reactors by 12 years on average, came as a rather big surprise.

How Much Are People Ready to Pay for Renewables?

Renewable energy is popular but still quite an expensive energy option? How much money are people ready to pay for renewables?

Solar Panels And Electricity For The World

Since solar panels were first realized to be an important means to obtain energy which can be used and not be harmful to the atmosphere, they have gained the attention of countries throughout the world. It has been agreed, among experts in the field, that the majority of all energy consumed, on the planet, could be produced by the sun’s radiation if it were properly harnessed.

Solar Panels And The Power Of Modern Communication

When solar panels were first put on the market, as a way to produce heat and electricity, they were virtually an unknown product. It had long been known that the sun’s rays would produce heat and could be used to dry things, to heat water inside a metal tank or warm up a greenhouse. However, the idea of developing something that could actually bring electricity into the home was not readily accepted.

Cheapest Electricity Supplier

It is quick and easy to find out whether you can save money on your electricity, you can compare electricity deals from all major UK electricity suppliers enabling you to find the cheapest electricity supplier. Electricity prices have increased over the last few years so if you have never switched before you could save hundreds of pounds on your electricity bills.

Cheap Heating and Cooking Using Only One Appliance

Cheap cooking and heating, no gas or electricity required. One appliance heats and cooks cheaply. Want “off the grid”, here is the first step! Roughing it can be comfortable.

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