JUST IN: White House Responds After Greg Abbott Bans Vaccine Mandates In Texas

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Completion of Russian-Chinese Oil Pipeline Highlights Strengthening Influence In Energy Sector

The end of September saw the completion of the Russian-Chinese oil pipeline. This is an offshoot of the East Siberian Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline and runs from the Russian township of Skovorodino, through the border settlement of Mohe and then on to the Chinese city of Daqing.

Energy Generation and Waste Elimination With the Biosphere Process

Energy generation and waste elimination are two of the most troubling dilemmas being faced by all nations of the world today. Energy is vital to the technologically dependent societies in which man is thriving nowadays while waste on the other hand is a huge threat to the welfare of the environment, us humans, and all other living beings on the planet. This is the reason why both matters need to be addressed with urgency as failure in any one of the two will spell huge troubles for any nation. Dealing with one of them can already be quite a task, but dealing with both of them at the same time is a whole new issue. This is because they contradict each other.

Thorium Energy Is Promising Green Alternative Energy Source To Uranium

Thorium energy is gaining ground as a safe, green alternative energy source when compared to uranium. Although technically a nuclear energy, thorium is safer, more abundant and can save billions of dollars.

Clean Energy Is Bigger Than Birthdays

I turned 50 today, and my thoughts are running to subjects like the economy and jobs, not so much my impending doom. Sure it’s a landmark, but I’ve got, what, maybe 20 years left? I’d like to see my San Joaquin Valley capitalize on its strengths and become a front-runner in the race to develop clean energy.

London Electricity

If you live in London and want the cheapest gas and electricity bills as possible then it is possible to achieve this. In the past the main electricity and gas supplier in London used to be the London electricity board, however they were then taken over by EDF Energy who are the main London electricity and gas supplier.

11 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill All Year

Month after month we received our electricity bill with shocking high numbers. But people are getting smarter as they hear and find tips to save on energy bills either on the web and on TV. Most of these tips are fairly common, but one most overlooked is a RIGHT that most people don’t even know about – I’ll share that with you in a minute. All these ideas are very inexpensive and require very little or no handyman skills.

Residential Energy Deregulation – Get The Important Facts

Energy deregulation is here and we will cover the important issues you need to understand so you can successfully take full advantage of deregulation. We will cover why, where, when and how you can save money.

How Does Solar PV Power Work?

There are many uses of solar power including the creation of electrical power for use in domestic or commercial settings. Increasingly there are government grants and incentives for householders to install solar panels on their properties, but does does solar PV power work and what are the benefits?

Electric Companies In Texas – How Deregulation Occurred

Electric companies in Texas were formerly regulated by the state and electricity rates were set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). There was only one company that was in charge for generating, billing, support and selling electricity to consumers in Texas. As it was only the sole electricity provider of the state, it became a monopoly.

Does the Strength of Chinese Manufacturers Make the Feed-In Tariffs Pointless?

Unfortunately the solar industry is not a level playing field at present.  The Chinese government has provided some enormous loans to their top PV manufacturers.

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