Lindsey Graham Explains How And Why People Are Crossing US-Mexico Border

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Should States Pull the Plug on Energy Deregulation?

The recent debacles related to electricity and energy that California and other states have experienced in recent years, a lot of detractors have voiced out their concerns about the effectiveness of energy deregulation. Many legislators from various states have even called the program a failure, making many states rethink their stand on whether to push through with deregulation, while other remain in a wait and see mode. Many pointed out that energy deregulation was not successful in lowering down electricity rates, while others argued that reliable electricity infrastructures failed to materialize in their states.

US Gets Serious About Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind may soon take a cue from Oliver Twist and ask for more. Way more. The U.S. Department of Energy is on board and all we need is for Liam Neeson to yell, “Release the Kraken!”

How Will I Know If I’m Going to Be Charged a Fuel Surcharge in a Taxi?

Just like every other type of business, taxi services have to decide how much to charge their customers based on a combination of their expectation of profit, and their current expenses. As a result, when those expenses shift, they have to come up with ways to raise their prices. If they did not do this, a rise in their expenses would results in a direct loss of profit for them, or their employees.

How Utterly “Green” (Intellectually Un-Matured and Naive) – Idealistic Greening of Planet Earth!

“Greening Planet Earth” – Tremendous US expenditure of effort and wealth – loss of US jobs to countries who will not penalize their productive efficiencies with “Cap-and-Trade” emission restrictions – tens of millions paid annually to 3rd world nations as reparations for damaging our mutually-inhabited world – and all for a relatively insignificant improvement in fossil-fuel usage – from 84% to 75% in 25 years! The essence of a dominating conventional wisdom of society today – climate change – can be captured by the apt phrase, “Don’t bother me with facts – my mind is made up!”. Thus, civilization progresses, struggling between ideology, practicality and reality!

Good-Bye Electric Company – Hello Magnetic Home Generator

An article about how to deal with electric company rates as they constantly escalate. Covers alternative energy sources and the cost-effectiveness of a magnetic home generator.

Why Do People Still Use Natural Gas and Coal?

Nowadays, despite the fact that there are many supporters of renewable energy, oil, coal and gas are still have huge scale of consumption as energy source. Solar power and wind power have increasingly popularity, but it must be mentioned that natural gas, oil and coal have founded our economies and industries and that is why they still have very big support from politicians from all over the world.

Why Is Burning Fossil Fuels A Problem?

The use of fossil fuels is a major point of concern and will continue to be so for a good deal of time to come. Why is there so much concern about this issue, and what can we do about it? Coal and oil have been fuel sources for thousands of years, so why has this become an issue now?

Non Fossil Energies – The Hope For The Future

Non fossil energies are commonly designated as alternative energies, because often they are solutions to substitute the burning of raw fossil materials like coal and natural gas. Alternative energies also have some disadvantages, mainly related with the costs and development of the technologies these aspects have been complicating their generalization.

Flashing Natural Gas News Across the Globe

Fantabulous and famous place for natural gas and oil gas source is Canada; currently there is huge risk in Canada’s ecosystem since the companies are exploring more, to pioneer in Oil and Gas industries, this was disclosed by the top international oil administrators at Montreal in the World Energy Congress which was held recently. In the conference Peter Voser, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell informed the members that there would be a bombastic blooming throughout the world for the necessity of natural gas.

Japan’s Alternate Energy

Think about it for a minute and imagine you had no electricity. Now imagine your entire city didn’t have any. This is exactly what the minds of the Japanese people are worried about and has begun working on alternate energy plans.

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