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Solar Panels In Space Craft And Satellites

If you have often wondered what powers most satellites and other small space craft, the answer is energy from the sun. The majority of geostationary satellites feature solar panels that point in the sun’s direction. As the efficiency of photovoltaic cells based in space is far greater than here on earth, thanks to the lack of atmospheric interference, they are the perfect source of renewable energy.

Estimation of Water Flow Rate for Evaluating a Small Hydropower Site (Float Method)

Stream flow measurement equation of interest: Stream section Area x average water flow Speed x 80% channel Friction factor = Q, the estimated average stream Flow Rate. By measuring the rate of travel for a floating object traveling down the main flow of a stream and then multiplying by the average cross sectional area.

Growth In Solar Panels Industry

Germany may not exactly be the sunniest region of the world, but surprisingly it is a country that has more solar panels per household than almost any other nation. The country is now a pioneer in renewable energy, in fact in 2008, Germany produced almost half of the world’s solar electricity. Not bad for a country that experiences cold winters with a high amount of rainfall.

Financial Independence As an Energy Broker

Starting a career as an energy broker either part time or full time will lead those who get in on the ground floor to financial independence and build residual income. With growing concerns about environmental degradation, there has come up a number of career opportunities in this field.

Latest Solar Panels Market Potential

According to the latest research, the solar panel market potential in the US is extremely promising and attractive. The policy makers in the government are continuing to enact measures that support the switch to renewable energy systems. Preferential rates are available for solar energy, as well as cash subsidies for homeowners and business that a willing to make the switch.

Clean Energy Investments and Clean Energy Projects Boosted by the World Bank

The World Bank is allocation of energy investments and for energy efficient project has been increased by 300 percent between the financial years of 2007 to 2010. The World Bank has delivered 3.4 billion USD for the renewable energy projects and the contribution towards the fossil fuel project raised nearly 430 percent. In the Institute for Policy Studies the co director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network Janet Redman asserted that, the World Bank is delaying to examine the emission of green house gases from their own plants and diverting its discussions.

Gasification in Coal Power – The Process of Gasification

Gasification will be a large part of our future regarding generating electricity from coal. Gasification is environmentally friendly, reducing up to 99% of all pollutants. Gasification also increases coal power plant efficiency to 70%. In this article we will examine the process of gasification.

Some Popular Alternative Energy Sources

We have all heard the back and fourth about global warming and whether or not humans and fossil fuels are the cause, or if the statistics we are seeing are just a matter of standard climate change over time. The fact remains: Fossil fuels are quickly becoming a thing of the past and alternative energy sources are being used more and more as our society moves forward. One alternative energy source that has seen an increase over fossil fuels in the past decade is wind energy.

Alaska: The Surprising Leader in Alternative Energy Technologies

The state of Alaska is known for its production of oil and natural gas. Rich deposits of fossil fuels have powered American cars and homes as well as the Alaskan economy for decades. What most people do not realize is that Alaska could also be one of the leaders in developing alternative energy technologies. Here are some of the latest developments of non-fossil fuel based energy sources available in the largest US state.

Solar Panels – Grants You Can Get

If you are thinking about installing solar panels then now is the time to do it. In the UK the levels of grants available are now at the highest they have ever been. Anyone can claim these but you have to make sure you follow the conditions set out.

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