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Why Hydro Power Belongs to the Listing of Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources

When you speak of the renewable and alternative energy sources, you can always count on hydro power to be part of that listing. This power sourced from running water has been tapped for generations now, and even policy makers are one in saying that there is future in this energy source because this is renewable.

Reasons to Get Your House Off the Grid

There are plenty of reasons to think about getting your house off the grid. If you want to be independent and free from all the power grids and water mains it is a good time to start.

Is This the Age for Thorium Nuclear Reactors?

There has been some recent discussion regarding the use of thorium instead of uranium for nuclear reactor fuel. Thorium is three times more abundant than uranium and the United States has an ample supply of the element. Thorium reactors cannot have a meltdown like uranium powered reactors and supporters of this technology claim it doesn’t have as much high level radioactive waste. So what’s not to like?

Self-Love Is The New Frontier, Part 2

The consciousness Paul helped create began to expand and quickly became such a threat to the authorities that eventually, in 313 AD, the Roman emperor Constantine came to the conclusion he would gain politically if he was to legalize Christian worship. Once he had done this, in 325 AD he oversaw the Council of Nicea in order to decide what information would be allowed in the Bible. Paul’s words were included only because they encouraged loyalty to authority and were an example of someone who lived a life of sacrifice and dedication even as he suffered, something Constantine wanted others to emulate because it would allow him to maintain political control over the faithful. He wanted people suffering, not satisfied and content. It was a brilliant scheme that worked because the masses continued to allow themselves to be told what to do and how to live.

Self-Love Is the New Frontier, Part 1

At the core of all the celebrating we do during the holiday season there is a desire for peace on earth. The interesting thing is, for the thousands of years that we’ve been praying and hoping for peace as we’ve been celebrating this end of the year holiday, it’s never happened, and during this particular holiday season, global events indicate we’re far from it. So what gives? Well, for us to truly create peace on earth, we need some important information we’ve been missing but is very crucial: The most important and profound relationship we can possibly ever have is the one we have with ourselves, where honor, acceptance, respect, love and compassion govern that relationship.

Forms of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally stocked up). Renewable energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly.

Advantages of Alternative Energy Resources

As we all have realized, the use of the traditional energy sources like petroleum-based gas is dangerous not only to your health but to the environment as well. That is why the use of environment-friendly alternative energy resources like wind and the sun is highly recommended these days.

Corporate Climate Change Favors Clean Energy

American corporate culture has stumbled upon energy efficiency and sustainability — a lot like Bugs Bunny and Daffy did in the “Abominable Snow Rabbit.” In the classic cartoon, the Looney Tunes heroes are bound for Palm Springs but take a wrong turn. As Daffy says, “I told you we should have turned west at East St. Louis!” Likewise, corporations on their endless search for savings and cost reductions have found a more people friendly method than simply cutting jobs. And they’re finding sustainability not only lucrative but image enhancing.

Coal May Be the Most Expensive Fuel on the Planet

Coal accounts for more than half U.S. energy production. It’s easy to transport, ignite and burns hot. But coal extraction has become controversial. Mountaintop removal is not pretty. In addition, the nation’s 491 coal-fired plants contribute an estimated 48 tons of mercury into the air each year. Tallying resulting health costs add up.

Energy Efficiency = Job Creation

Create jobs through energy efficiency With the current level of unemployment and the current state of our energy usage it would seem that someone would see how these huge problems can together be the resolution of both problems. If you look at it like a mathematical problem, unemployment…

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