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Clean Energy – US Vs China

Global clean energy race is on. Who will prevail? China or US?

Expensive Electricity Bills? – Simple! Make Your Own Energy at Home

These bills make up a massive amount of your spending per year. So how would you like to reduce this cost dramatically? Producing your own energy at home is the best way you can achieve this.

Home Solar Power Systems – Discover Secrets of Slashing Your Power Bills Or Eliminating Them

Home solar power systems certainly have come a long way in the past couple of decades. From the huge bulky solar panels that weighted “a ton” to the sleek compressed solar electric panels that are being used today.

The Growth Of Wind Power Systems

While wind power systems and other alternative sources of electricity are becoming popular, and even common, in many parts of the world, Canada has been utilizing this form of electricity for years. Wind sourced energy has become a natural part of business and residential energy systems in Canada for quite a while.

Commercial Building Utility Costs – Saving Money With Energy Efficient Design

In our down turned economy, the pressure is on companies to cut costs without using layoffs that perpetuate the down turn. But, in order to cut costs without using layoffs, most companies would need to reduce their budget in area other than payroll without compromising their bottom line, which often seems impossible.

Understanding the Commercial Retrofit Energy Efficiency Process

For most companies, energy efficiency is the most desirable practice promoted by the green movement, and it’s easy to why: by replacing older, less efficient technology with efficient technology, companies can reduce their annual utility bill by over half, creating significant savings that increase their bottom line year after year. However, even with the promise of significant utility savings, some companies fail to explore commercial retrofit energy efficiency due to misconceptions about what commercial retrofit energy efficiency entails.

Energy Efficiency Reduces the Average Energy Cost Per Square Foot in Buildings

In the midst of the current recession, cost cutting continues to be one of the key assignments given to business administrators at companies across the U.S. And, as economists point out, how companies conduct cost cutting can have an impact on the economy.

Business Energy Cost Reduction – How Effective Is Energy Efficient Design?

At most companies, the philosophy of cost cutting is to get rid of things that, once gone, will have the least effect on business interest. If this philosophy sounds negative, that’s because it is. But so are most of the circumstances where companies perform cost cutting. Spending money to boost profits is usually saved for the fat times, while cautiously slicing away budgets is the plan of action during recessions.

Technology Partnerships Boost Nascent Wind Power Industry

By working with local universities and overseas component suppliers, manufacturers aim to produce more affordable turbines that are 15 to 20 percent more efficient in generating electricity. The wind power industry in China is blowing up a storm. From just six wind turbine manufacturers in 2004, the China Wind Power Association estimates the country is now home to more than 70 companies.

Basic Renewable Energy Information That You Must Know

If you are harbouring some thoughts on using sustainable energy to power up your home then you need to learn first the basic renewable energy information before you proceed. You must bear in mind that there are several types of sustainable energy. However, regardless of the type renewable energy most of them have one thing in common; and that is their main purpose is to produce electricity either from the natural resources or sustainable resources.

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