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Can Solar Power Really Be A Good Solution To Mankind’s Energy Problems?

Solar power is touted to be the next biggest solution to mankind’s energy problems. As we know, there is a huge amount of environmental concerns when we use fossil fuel to generate electricity. There are carbon emissions, nuclear waste and coal slurry that become toxic lake, just to name a few.

More “Fracking” Earthquakes – New Report and Research on Oil and Gas Fracking from UK

Our Think Tank has previously mentioned the challenges with fracking and ground water, and the potential earthquake issues. Most of the problems can be easily mitigated depending on the geological make-up of the regions where such resources are. There was a heavy hitting article recently in the UK about fracking stating it “may cause earthquakes” – well like I said, not a revelation here.

Can Shale Gas Save the UK Energy Industry?

Despite what many people think shale gas was discovered nearly 200 hundreds year ago but it was overshadowed by much larger volumes from conventional gas fields and cheaper extraction costs. Thanks to technological advancements shale gas extraction has become a viable option for many countries around the globe, including the UK.

Wise Nations Are Not Cutting Nuclear Power Out of Their Energy Equation

Forgoing nuclear energy is unwise for industrialized nations, especially considering all the new technology in that space, and the ability to use the fuel rods so much longer. Today’s nuclear technology isn’t anything like that of the old technology. It’s safer, more efficient, and able to all but eliminate the need for large long-term storage facilities.

Top Tips For Saving on Fuel and Energy Costs With Your Car And Around Your Home

Learning different ways in which you can conserve and save fuel is a great way to give back to mother earth by protecting the supply of all of the nonrenewable resources on this earth like crude oil, natural gas and coal fuel. This also is a great way to reduce the pollution that goes into our environment as well. And not only is it good for the environment but it is also good for your wallet.

Fuel and Energy Resources – Where Nuclear Waste Is Stored in the US

Nuclear waste is a major concern for the entire world and not just one country here or there. It is the responsibility of all who use it to follow the different regulations there are for disposing of the waste. The agencies that control the regulations in the United States are the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the EPA.

Drop in International Crude Prices Don’t Always Result in Drop in Pump Prices

Following of International crude oil prices have become an important daily routine for millions of households across the world. Most of the economies offer no or very less cushion between the international oil prices and the gasoline prices at the pump. The rise in international oil prices bear an immediate and direct effect on pump prices but when the crude prices in international markets drop this doesn’t always result in lowering of pump prices. Let us examine few factors which are responsible for hampering lower pump prices as a result of international crude prices going down.

Using Waste for Energy

Waste is not just a waste. It is not always garbage. We can reuse and recycle waste products.

Wind Power History and Its Role in Various Civilizations

Human beings have been using wind power for centuries. The history of wind power helps you understand how human civilizations used various technology to accomplish tasks using wind power.

China on Track to Dominate Clean Energy by Locking Up Rare Earth Market

Rare earth may determine the future of clean energy. I’m not talking about the classic rock band. This is about potential world domination by China of an industry so important, it’s success or failure may mean the difference between survival and mass evacuation in low-lying countries like Bangladesh. Much of the clean energy industry depends upon extremely obscure elements that have come to be known as rare earth. They have names like lanthanum, cerium, yttrium and neodymium and are used in the manufacture of electric car batteries, wind turbines and solar panels. China has spent the past several years locking up supply of these elements, planning ahead and banking on their value escalating.

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