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Bureaucratic Hurdles Impede Sustainable Growth of India’s Energy Sector

Oil demand in India is set to grow in the next five years and beyond, driven by demand for its exports and a fast growing domestic market. India’s significant indigenous oil supplies have been declining for the last 15 years.

Making Our Office And Office Buildings Greener

A lot of people work in some kind of office environment, whether it is a small business or a large corporate center with thousands of people in a single facility. Whenever there are people in any location for more than an hour or two, there is going to be trash, food, cars and issues that need to be dealt with. Let’s limit this conversation to issues of environmental concern and see what we can do to green up America’s workplace.

Utility Scale Solar Power

Utility scale solar power pertains to large power plants and solar farms to generate and supply power to many users. It is enjoyed by US states like Nevada, Arizona and California and in southern parts of Europe and Asian countries. Utility Scale Solar Power brings clean and dependable power for homes and establishments including residential, commercial and industrial users. Since time in memorial, solar energy has been there and in the past decades it has moved forward to the point that it is now possible to generate power in sunny areas supplying commercial solar power on a large scale, enough to power communities.

Five Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has received much attention in the media recently. Rising power costs and the impact of fossil fuels on our environment are just two of the issues that are leading green-minded and cost-conscious consumers to choose solar power. There are many reasons to consider solar energy for your power needs, but the top five remain…

Tracking Solar PV Systems Explained

Solar tracking systems are a great way to maximize the efficiency of solar panels. They track the sun’s motion across the sky and depending on the type of system, the increase of energy output in solar panels may increase by 25% to 45%. Tracking systems are easily installed and needs little to no maintenance depending on the kind of solar trackers installed.

Regulation and Energy – Let’s Be Fair and Not Cut Off The Hand Which Feeds Us

Most folks would agree we need at least some regulation when it comes to energy and fuel, still, most of those screaming about more regulation focus all their attention on the fossil fuels, than on the alternative energy side of things. Believe me when I tell you that there are laws of physics involved in conversion of energy into electricity or fuel, and anytime you harvest or generate from type of energy to create work, you run into issues of waste, efficiency, and production challenges – that’s the reality.

Energize the Future Through Landfill Gasification

Gases produced from landfills can be collected and be used to generate heat or electricity. Landfill gasification (converting methane gas into power) projects have increased since 2005. They have been very popular because they control energy costs and lessen greenhouse emissions. Waste management uses landfill gas as its energy source. It can generate enough energy to power 400 thousand homes every day which in effect can offset nearly 2 million tons of coal each year.

Energy Consultant Benefits In Saving You Money And The Environment

An increasingly larger number of households and business owners are getting troubled with the higher utility bills. Several companies have to reduce the number of employees or shutdown their businesses due to financial distress resulting due to high bills. Homeowners need to cut down on expenses to meet these high costs; therefore, an excellent way to reduce the bill is to take the help of an energy consultant.

Cogeneration: The Heat and Power Combination Meant to Be

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is one great method to save energy by recapturing and reusing heat that would have been wasted. CHP, heat reclamation, heat recovery or cogeneration is combining heat and power and is well developed, in use by many industries. Keeping the surroundings comfortable as it generates eco friendly electricity, reducing the harmful greenhouse gases and cutting utility costs are the benefits to consider maximizing before installing any combined heat and power systems in the homes.

Events That Rely on Temporary Power Solutions

Ever wondered about just how much we rely on electricity to maintain community spirit? Think about all the events that require access to power these days.

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