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Batteries Will Be Future Energy Source?

I was recently at a meeting hosted by at the Capital Visitors Center titled “Building a Bigger Battery.” The panel presented ideas that get little attention and few people hear about.

Wind Turbine Construction for Large Scale Wind Farms – Complexity Increases With Scale

Large-scale wind turbine construction is continually being developed and implemented to help solve the energy problems and make energy production more efficient. There is a lot of research and planning before implementing the construction of large scale wind farms.

The Godzilla Effect: Radioactive Fallout Hits Industry

Japan’s nuclear tsunami disaster continues to send ripples through the once relatively placid industry. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission plans hearings in Congress regarding review of the nation’s 104 nuclear plants, and news of efforts to contain radioactivity at Fukushima nuclear plant top every media outlet in the world. The industry — along with everybody else — is decidedly concerned. Call it the Godzilla effect.

Wastes – A Valuable Source of Green Energy?

Waste materials can be used into something productive such as green energy production. How is it possible? Through waste to energy system such as Biosphere Technology.

Cellulosic Biofuel Issues

There are many different types of fuel available for use by consumers for transportation purposes. Some of these fuels are sourced from naturally occurring deposits below the earth’s surface. Crude oil, a form of fossil fuel, is one of the most common types of substances extracted from deposits deep below the earth’s surface. Crude oil is processed into a useable substance, either gasoline or diesel fuel, that can be used in automobiles, trucks, locomotives, ships and generators. Although fossil fuels are the most common fuel sources, they are also some of the least efficient and produce some of the highest levels of carbon emissions of any fuel.

Purposeful Data Skewing in the Alternative Energy Sector for Political Reasons

Okay so, I’ve sat in a number of alternative energy seminars and talks at the local university here. What I constantly see is this skewing of data to present a point of view which favors global warming alarmism, or the advancement of renewable and reliable energies. In fact, it’s getting to be so bad that I often stop the lecture in midsentence and ask them to explain their charts, graphs, and data for the audience so they cannot try to pull another fast one over on everyone in attendance.

Germany: Talking Green, But Addicted To Coal

Germany is making major investments in green and sustainable energy, but remains addicted to coal-fired power plants for electrical generation. While publicized goals project major carbon reductions, 26 new German coal-fired power plants are in planning or development.

As Gas Prices Sky Rocket, Fuel Efficient Driving Tips Can Help You Conserve Gas

Gas prices are causing quite a shock in neighborhoods across America this week. Gas prices have risen nearly 82 cents since September 2010; the average price of regular gasoline in the US has jumped 33 cents per gallon in the last two weeks. Drivers across the country are feeling the pain of record high gas prices. A new fuel price survey says gas prices are expected to continue rising.

Why We Need Alternative Energy Sources

Working in the alternative energy field and helping people who want to be independent from utility companies, I always like to tell them why we need alternative energy sources. We have never in the history of our planet used so much energy as we use today. Take a look at the reasons we need alternative energy sources.

Magniwork May Be Our Clean Free Energy Solution

Magniwork technology is once again at the forefront of the minds of our future energy providers. The devastating nuclear events in Japan have emphasized the need for clean fuel. Magniwork is not a threat to the power industry, it could be the key to its long term success. As Long as we continue to hide our collective heads in the sand and let other worry about our energy needs, then we will continue to get the outdated resources we are currently being afforded. Increase the demand for clean technology, and they will increase the supply. Which will decrease prices in the long run.

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