‘Menstruation Doesn’t Stop For A Pandemic’: Entrepreneurs Discuss COVID-19 Impact On Business

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Benefits Of Using Solar Systems In Your Business

Business owners that are looking for an energy efficient way to power and warm their property should consider utilising commercial solar systems. Solar technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and now it is feasible and affordable to rely on solar power. There is a host of things to consider before pulling the plug on fossil fuels which will be discussed.

The Most Important Things Of Energy Conservation

Most of the people rarely think of the importance of conserving energy. There are many reasons that can force you to think about conserving energy. One is keeping the energy usage under control for enjoying its long term benefits. All these energies are non-renewable and cannot be used once it will get over.

The Rise of Black Gold

Wall Street seems to think that America’s shale industry will be able to save us from higher oil prices in the months and years ahead. But with shale oil production shutting down, that seems like a long shot…

Venezuela’s Oil Sector In Late 2013

When Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy, and called himself an admitted socialist, I thought to myself “oh my god, they want to turn America into Venezuela,” and then I remember back in 2013 when Venezuela fell apart after so many mistakes by Hugo Chavez, their socialist President, turned quasi-dictator. Meanwhile, I found it interesting that Democrats in our country said Venezuela’s meltdown didn’t have anything to do with socialism, rather they said it had to do with poor leadership mistakes made by the President there. Well, yes, but he did all the things socialist leaders do when they get into power.

What Have We Done To Our Industrial Base In The USA – Why Did We Do It?

During the 2016 election there was lots of talk about jobs, mostly lost jobs to crumbled industries. Sectors of our economy which were once strong and vibrant, but we traded them away to other nations is bad trade deals. Donald Trump is correct most of the major trade deals we’ve made haven’t been good for our economy in the long-term, sure they may have won us brownie points on the international stage and helped us out ‘client nation’ other former superpowers and slowed down an emerging superpower – but to what avail if we don’t have decent jobs for our own citizens?

Shale Gas Revolution Has Been A Wonderful Thing – Why The Attacks On The Industry?

How is it that the United States, once considered the largest air-polluter of the industrialized world (before China woke up) has been able to cut its emissions of CO2, NOX, and Sulfur Dioxide to levels so low, they hardly matter anymore? Why is it that other large industrialized economies like Japan, China, India and the EU have not been able to cut emissions and have actually increased them at a time when everyone is yelling “bloody murder” about global warming and greenhouse gases?

The Four Types of Solar Powered Systems

Renewable energy is a great way to help the environment, cut down on energy costs and enjoy having power. They are quickly becoming popular in the rural areas that are off the grid and experience frequent outages, and they are more affordable than ever.

OPEC Just Won the Oil War

The damage from the oil war with OPEC lies all over America’s shale-oil regions. With the cartel set to cut production, America’s shale-oil producers will be hard pressed to catch up.

Solar Energy: Hidden Benefits No One Thinks Of

Solar energy continues to make headlines, and has for quite a few years now, with each new headline boasting of another wonderful benefit, such as rural areas that are off the grid receiving power. Most of the benefits of solar are well-known, such as doing your part to stop global warming and reduced energy bills. There are quite a few benefits to installing this that most people are not aware of though.

Switching to Solar: Terms You Need to Know

Switching over to this renewable energy source can be a wonderful thing for both families and the environment. Families that live in home that are off the grid can enjoy having power like everyone else, home that are on the grid will enjoy reduced electric bills, and it all happens while these families help prevent global warming.

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