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An Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is all around us. The sun, wind, rivers, lakes, oceans, plant growth, or even the heat deep within the earth is renewable energy. Modern technology has started to harness these endless sources of power by converting these into electricity, transport fuels, and the heating of our homes and water.

Why A Natural Gas Supplier Would Try Horizontal Drilling

What is horizontal drilling? It is a new technology meant to increase the oil recovery rate for hard to reach zones. The major reason they have been employed is that they offer greater contact with the source.

Waste – Killing Your Profits or Boosting Them?

Whenever an enterprise sets out to make money, it also inevitably creates waste in the process. This article looks at how waste can easily be turned into a profitable and ecological boost to your bottom line, and not a massive liability that will not go away…

Wind Turbines – How to Object Objectively

Too often these days, whenever you pick up a local newspaper, there is yet another wind farm in the planning stage, and everyone – apart from the manufacturers – is up in arms against it. If so many people object to these plans, and it can be proven that current wind turbine technology is ‘Old Hat’, why on earth do we not get to learn the truth about these highly inefficient, energy wasting, dangerous and countryside blighting eyesores…

Alternative Energy Resources – Why Solar Power Is Good

We know that you know how good solar power is. There is no question about how much you believe in its goodness. However, do you understand why?

Free Solar or Wind Energy Will Help Slash Power Bills

This article is basically points out the cost associated with using fossil fuel and the type of alternative energy sources available, which can be used to power modern day appliances. It explains a little about wind energy and solar power energy and provides a cheap option, for those who want alternative power, without the expense.

Solar Energy Is The Earth’s Most Abundant Resource

Radiant heat and natural light are all products produced by the sun. This energy can be harnessed for multiple uses that appear to be limited to the human imagination and ingenuity.

How Can Anyone Protest About a Pipeline From Canada and High Oil Prices at the Same Time?

The other day, I got into an interesting conversation at Starbucks. The conversation started out complaining about the high price of fuel, namely gasoline for this lady’s car. Interestingly enough, as we got to talking about resources, our involvement in the Middle East, and the planned pipeline from Canada I noted a tinge of hypocrisy in her voice, and so I questioned her further.

Hydrogen Highway Lures Pioneers

A growing group of backyard mechanics, university research teams and even automotive manufacturers is looking to shift into burning one of the cleanest and most plentiful elements in the universe. The trouble appears to be cost and infrastructure and, perhaps, getting a deep-pocketed or politically influential sponsor.

Solar Power Energy – An Introduction

Renewable energy sources are of great importance to the survival of the planet, to the continued use of our modern conveniences and luxuries and to the climate. The use of non-renewable energy is using up finite supplies, while at the same time bringing about more rapid climate change as a result of carbon emissions. Renewable power on the other hand means using the planet’s natural abundant resources to power things indefinitely – such as the wind, the sun, and the sea.

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