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Nigeria’s Non-Oil Sector Development – Race Against Time

In the world we live in today, energy and economic diversification is not only an option for resource rich nations, but a necessity. The underlying importance of ensuring energy security while developing other viable sources of foreign exchange receipts for economic development cannot be stressed enough.

Use Of Traditional Biomass In Nigeria – A Disturbing Trend

According to the Energy Information Administration, Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa, producing over 2.53 Million barrels per day of crude oil and also holds the largest natural gas reserves in the African continent (9th in the world).

Cost Benefit Analysis of Biogas As An United States Alternative Energy Resource

This paper discusses biogas energy and its viability as an energy resource. Emphasis is added on landfill and agricultural methane bio-gasses and the process by which they are transferred into the electrical grid. The paper concludes with an analysis of the environmental and economic costs and benefits of biogas, and the feasibility of biogas a competing energy resource in the United States.

Where Is Humanity Going With Nuclear Energy and Power?

The other day, I was speaking to an acquaintance about knowledge and wisdom, obviously they aren’t the same. Gandhi made mention in a quote of the seven deadly sins, that “Knowledge without Character” was a real problem, and I might ask, what if we substituted Character with Wisdom? Would such a quote still be apropos? I think so, but I’d like to explore this a bit further if I might, because knowledge, experience, observations, education, and wisdom are all different. My acquaintance and I have not completed our dialogue on this topic, but I believe it is relevant to think on it a bit.

Case Study in Tidal Energy – Analyzing The Costs and Benefits of an Emerging Industry

Harnessing energy from the tide is a thriving industry that provides power to communities around the world. Yet other renewable solar and wind energies are receiving the most attention from international investors as well as the media. It is important to consider all energy options, such as the surprising potential of developing tidal energy.

How Do Renewable Energy Plants Work

The world relies heavily on a steady supply of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas as well as coal for its energy, and these unfortunately are dwindling resources; they are non-renewable and require costly explorations. The price of oil is also dependent on certain factors, and political strife creates an energy crises and escalating oil prices. Renewable energy is not vulnerable to political events but can be locally produced.

Simple Steps to Cutting Your Energy Bill

With winter fast approaching and the dreaded thought of rising gas and electricity bills troubling many home and business owners, talk turns to the little (and big) improvements people can make to their residential and commercial properties to ensure that they’re never caught short again! Enhancing your home to become more energy efficient is your route to a cheaper and happier home, add these 7 home improvements to your ‘to do’ list this season.

Energy Deregulation Explained – The Power of Choice

Energy Deregulation allows every residential or business customer the choice to select a competitive open market gas price from their current natural gas supplier or simply switch to better offer by another supplier. At an average savings of almost 40-50 percent on their gas bills, individuals and business could benefit from the savings and cut down their living or business costs. Here is information that explains this wealth trend and how to save money on your utility bills…

The Truth About Solar Panels

Solar panels are far more popular than they once were, but they still only account for a tiny proportion of the world’s energy production. When you consider that they really don’t cause any environmental damage and can eventually provide households with free energy, it seems strange that more homeowners aren’t considering solar panel installation.

The Future of Particle Accelerators and the Higgs Particle

In light of the recent, very exciting discovery of the famed (at least in particle physics’ circles) Higgs particle, it should probably come as no surprise that physicists are already planning an even more powerful one yet. Just recently, the large particle accelerator LHC – the most powerful that has been built to date – wowed the physics community with the incredibly high energy levels it achieved to coax the manifestation of the Higgs Boson. Indeed; this new particle accelerator was actually planned long before the engineers had even finished building the Large Hadron Collider, giving you an idea of…

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