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Facts Regarding YOUR Electric Utility Company

Electric Utility companies nationwide come in a variety of business types from power generation companies to the much smaller cooperatives you will find in most rural communities. To one extent or another they all deal with the electricity your home or business depend on but it is in what they actually do with electrical power that determines the type of business they are and how that may very well directly impact your monthly bill.

Solar Power to the People

The solar and renewable energy industry is at a crossroad. Progress is being made but the industry doesn’t yet have the lobbying strength of oil and coal. However, when you hear about large scale solar projects springing up like the one between SunPower and Luke Air Force Base in Arizona there’s some sense that maybe things are going to take off.

Cut a Huge Chunk Out of Your Next Electricity Bill

You can implement changes in your life that are simple yet efficient to save electricity. In order to reduce your next electricity bill, you have to know what these ways are.

Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs

What are CFL bulbs and what’s their deal? Are they really energy-efficient? How can they help us conserve electricity? All this and more when you read this article.

The Importance of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an energy produced from easily-replenished sources like the sun, wind, water, biological and geothermal processes. Compared to fossil fuels and coals, these natural resources are usually referred to as clean forms of energy since they do not produce harmful emissions and polluting agents into the atmosphere and thus have a very minimal environmental impact during the process of production which is a very good factor in the preservation of our environment. It is undeniable though that investing in renewable energy does not come cheap but if we are to think about what the costs of…

How To Promote Energy Conservation Through Posters

Do you see wastage of electricity in your workplace, educational institution or some public place that you visit regularly? Wastage of electricity through lights, computers and air conditioners when no one is using them is common in today’s world.

Solar Power Cost – What If it Was Free?

It’s early 2010 and neighbor Jim hasn’t paid a penny for any electricity since 2009. He used to pay over $250 per month during the summers and in the cold Cleveland winters his bills easily topped $300 per month and the anticipation was that they would climb over $500 per month soon. Jim seems to be happier these days putting that extra $3350 a year in his pocket for other things like his new jet ski and his son’s education. How in the world did he manage to eliminate his power bill? What does it have to do with solar power cost?

Will Clean Energy Top Fossil Fuels? Sources Say Yes

The concept that clean energy costs more than fossil fuels appears to be getting more holes by the day. But they still rule the day and we consume without complaint in our everyday lives. Still, times are changing. And here’s a look at some statistics and developments that make a pretty good case for a greener leaning society.

Switching Energy Providers Can Be a Choice

Gas and electricity costs are mounting as the weather gets warmer, which makes me wonder what’s the connection. Utility bills hardly drop off, they either remain stable in number or go higher than they have been and people notice that. At this point, people will be considering switching energy providers.

Homemade Electricity is Easy

Generating your own homemade electricity to power your fifty inch plasma television might seem like a crazy idea until you think about the fact that once upon a time everyone thought the world was flat. Now that was a crazy idea but it took a while before people understood the truth. The truth about creating our own power us that we can do it but most of us have never considered making it ourselves nor do we understand if it is even possible. If we want to know more we have to begin with understanding a little more about electricity.

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