NASA Astronaut: ‘We Need These Partnerships’ With Private Businesses

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Top 6 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Home

A small step goes a long way in reducing the energy consumption in your home. Instead of spending nearly half of your salary in meeting the expense of energy consumption, you need to be diligent to choose the right kinds of gadgets for your home and make sure they are energy-efficient.

Will Humankind Run Out of 90% of Its Fossil Fuels by 2076?

It is amazing how many predictions have been made with regards to the energy sector over the years. It amazes me today how many futurists, and academics challenge the sustainability of industry, resources, population, agriculture, nature, water, and energy. Why am I amazed by all this you ask? Because for the last many decades I’ve been studying all these predictions, reading all of their books, and I seem to have found a repeating pattern, and it goes something like this; none of these people know what they’re talking about.

The Higgs Particle and the Mass of the Universe

An incredible announcement by the Common European Research Center CERN (Cern) regarding the discovery of the Higgs boson – where earlier particle physicists nicknamed this (metaphorically) particle the “god particle” sent shock-waves through the physics a community, and has challenged the Standard Model of particle physics. The discovery, after examining thousands of results from the experience of the collision that took place on Tuesday 30 March 2010, after being postponed for two years (since 2008). The Higgs boson is the particle initially believed to be responsible for the acquisition of material for the mass in…

Some Fossil Fuel Facts About Burning Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have made a staggering significance to the world we live in over the last few hundred years. But while the burning of fossil fuels may provide us with the energy we need, the process of burning them releases large amounts of pollution into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming and acid rain.

Solar Ovens Cook Using The Sun’s Energy

The sun is a great source of energy for cooking and one way to do this is with a Solar Cooker, also known as a “solar oven”. Solar cookers have a number of fantastic advantages. Anything you can cook in a normal oven can be cooked in a solar oven, the limit is your imagination.

The New Grid: What It Means for Savvy Customers

Business and consumers are becoming mini-utilities, creating, storing and managing their own energy supply and use. The results are savings, reduced risk from price and voltage fluctuations, and the integration of new products that are driving the new economy. The story starts with the ‘grid’ and a change in how utilities make money to stay in business.

Is the Tide Turning for Alternative Energy

Tidal Energy is based on the movement of the tides. Until recently, tidal power has been about the construction of a dam or tidal barrage to hold the turbines for the generation of electricity. But times are changing as tidal stream turbines are fixed to the seabed and generate electricity directly from the ebbing and flooding of the tidal currents.

How a Solar Panel System Is a Product of Millions of Years of Human Evolution

Humans have relied on the sun since the dawn of time, to help them out with their needs for heating and light, and this continues to be true for people in the modern world. The only difference between people now and the very first human beings are some of the ways in which the sun is now being used! Even plants rely on the sun for energy, so it is no surprise that scientists are constantly coming up with newer and better ways to harness the sun’s energy.

Give Our Planet a Future, Install Solar Panels in Your Home This Year

Solar panels are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and they cost less to install than you might think. Businesses across the country are showing their commitment to sustainable energy by installing solar panels, and home owners can do their bit for the environment by installing these panels too.

Tips on How to Lower Monthly Air Conditioning Bills

Learn how to lower your monthly energy consumption and air conditioning bills this summer! You can save some cash and help the environment all at the same time!

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