Navy Engineer Attempted To Sell Submarine Secrets, FBI Says

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Where To Get Information About Solar Energy

Sun and solar tech is a useful thing to incorporate into your life. You need to understand it first though before you go shopping around. You will make better choices with more information. Use search terms like sun and solar, solar energy, renewable energy, and solar system to get to top level domains that hold the best information to use.

Fuel Poverty: The Shame of Britain

Great Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world and yet a shameful number of its citizens die every year simply because they can’t afford to heat their homes. Many of these victims are the old and infirm. This year the issue has hit a plateau in the media with protests and wide spread condemnation throughout the country.

Pipelines Close To Railroad Tracks Might Get a Vibrational Flow Rate Boost

Often, we are challenged as to where to put our pipelines which run through our civilization. There are only so many mountain passes, non-environmentally sensitive zones, and areas that have not been built up to put the pipelines through. Sometimes we end up putting them along major interstates, following routes of power lines, or paralleling railroad tracks.

America Needs to Lean Up Its Crude Oil Diet

Wimpy’s: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” is an insightful commentary by the writers of the Popeye cartoon that reminds me of today’s rampant energy consumption. That hot greasy crude burger, sweet Saudi fixins, a side of bite-sized anthracite and bubbly fracked soda. Nothing better. Good solid American meal. Comfort food. We need to switch up the menu.

Micro Wind Turbines – The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy is free, abundant, renewable, green and clean. Is it perfect? No, but as a supplemental source it is one of the best alternative energy sources we have in the world. This article explores the pros and cons of wind energy for residences, small businesses, farms and public areas.

A Cost Effective Way to Use Solar Energy Now

A cost effective way to use solar energy is to focus the sun’s energy using mirrors and create steam. This method is currently being used. Solid state solar panels are still relatively expensive.

The Saving Power of Solar Energy

Solar Energy has been a friend and ally to us since the beginning of the Earth. The sun provides us with heat and light night and day. Though we don’t see it for approximately half of our 24-hour day, the sun is at the other side of the Earth then giving its gracious heat and light energy to those who live there – plants, animals, microbes and hybrids.

Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

All of us use electricity every day of our lives, mostly taking it for granted, and despite only being a product of our modern age, a world without it seems almost incomprehensible. It is all to easy to consume electricity without a second thought, however, one of the biggest problems facing us in the 21st century is to maintain this supply whilst managing the impact that our consumption has on the world around us. When also taking into account the fact that utility bills are rising steadily, it is worth having a look at how we make our electricity and in essence where it comes from.

How Dependable Is Solar Energy

The sun is a powerful tool, this article explores the past present and future of the sun and it’s potential for green energy solutions in the home, including the history of solar energy and ways in which we can optimise its use. It also looks at the ways in which the sun’s power can be optimised with the combination of other renewable energy sources.

The World Is Going Nuclear, But What Is the Best Way?

Nuclear energy is increasing in importance, despite serious problems connected to this technology. Here are sketched out some hints about the best way of utilizing this energy source and to minimize the involved problems.

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