Ned Price Pressed On Havana Syndrome And Cuba Crackdowns

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10 Benefits of Using Diesel Additives

Are you aware of the full range of benefits diesel additives can offer? If not, these 10 advantages of using them will help.

America Uses 60% of All the Energy in The World – Yah, Interesting Data But So What?

Not long ago, I was watching a “Ted Video” on the Internet and I heard a reoccurring comment and statement by one of the presenters. First, they lambasted the United States of America for energy usage, and then they threw out the figure that America uses 60% of all the energy that created in the world. Really, what about the energy from the waves of the ocean, geothermal from plate tectonics, or the Sun’s energy that hits our planet?

Question for Those Opposed to Renewable Energy in Your Area

To those of you who oppose having wind turbines or other renewable energy sources in your local area. Are you saying that you want your children and their children to face water and food shortages because you do not want a wind turbine or solar panels in your back yard? Those are the probable outcomes if we do not reduce our carbon footprint over the next few years.

Climate Change Ideology: “Doom, Unless Carbon Emissions Curbed!” – Really, Change Ratio 0.00001?

How noble – that feeling of doing good, of protecting planet Earth from noxious fossil fuel emissions; those great sounding slogans, “clean, renewable energy” plus scare-tactic hysteria – all with practically no credible scientific evidence that proves a trivial amounts of CO2 can have a significant impact on our gigantic planet’s climate change. (However, “swept under the table” is the faked temperature exposure of a year ago – the infamous “hockey-stick graph”, the exaggerated claim of Himalayan glacier melting, faulty sea level change data affecting the Netherlands, etc.)

Smart Energy Use

How can real-time energy monitoring effect your consumption and in return your costs? The combination of time based pricing and peak demand charges could result in a single half hour equaling a fifth of your charges! With real-time energy monitoring you will be able to see exactly when your peaks are occurring and stop them.

Clean Energy Awareness and Sustainability

Energy awareness month has resulted in a lot of discussions regarding energy related topics. These exchanges are to address sustainability and the clean energy technology marketplace as well as the impact of funding on clean technology. But what does sustainability and clean technology have to do with energy awareness?

Solar Power Windows

These alternative energy sources are the exact opposite of the traditional power source except for the fact that it also produces energy. The difference is that it produces it without emitting or releasing dangerous and harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide and other harmful stuff on the environment. Out of all the alternative energy sources that are currently in use today, one of the most favorable and most utilized is solar power. It is energy harnessed from the sun through the use of photovoltaic cells or solar panels. Now these solar panels are now improved and upgraded to make a much more efficient batch of solar power devices to meet the different needs of people.

Approaching Solar and Renewable Energy Projects in UK and US

Enfinity, the International renewable energy company has made a declaration about opening its news office in the United Kingdom at Liverpool, this resolution was made via the Hello Northwest, a soft landing service done for the investors. In the Great Britain, the Enfinity has attracted the market and it embarks on many solar and wind projects sited in the Plaza at the Liverpool, this is owned by the Bruntwood. Enfinity was established in Belgium and currently it is enhancing its finances, construction and it is functions on the wind and solar energy projects, the Enfinity has customers all over the…

Interactively Changing the World

The latest campaign by Energy Star boasts the title, “Change the world, start with Energy Star.” Can Energy Star really help change the world?

Development of Oil Well Companies in Canada and Kuwait

The chair person of the SilverBirch Energy Corp, the emerging miner of Oilsands declared that, the company will make slow and strong measures in its project development and it will be learning from its downfall which the company has experienced in the recent past. Howard Lutley, the new Chief Executive Officer of the SilverBirch Energy Corp. told that, all the oil and gas drilling companies should learn from the past failures and mistakes, the companies should not undermine and they should not develop project at rapid speeds.

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