Ned Price Reveals ‘Candid Conversations’ With Taliban

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Efficiency of Solar Panels – Should You Care?

Solar panels are by far the most expensive item in a solar panel installation. Understanding the features that differentiate a good solar panel from a bad one is not so straightforward.

Different Types Of Renewable Energy

Although solar energy is one of the primary sources of renewable energy, there are other types of renewable energy that are equally effective and from which useful and clean energy is being produced. Since the energy from the sun is basically tax-free and the sun shines at almost all places on earth, it makes an ideal source of energy to convert into useful energy. Most scientists involved in the renewable energy field and the solar energy field are trying to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells in an effort to try and make it convert solar energy into electrical energy…

Energy Can Cost A Lot

Energy is one of the most hot topics on the face of the earth today. There aren’t many things that have to do with it or relate to it in some way. Whether it deals with international conflicts or the search for the next scientific breakthrough, energy will be at the core of the issues.

Bitumen Suppliers – Ideas to Find Good Ones

This article talks about the guide to successfully buy bitumen. Bitumen can also be referred to as petroleum asphalt. Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Russian have large quantity of bitumen because they produce Bitumen. Read this article to discover the way to find genuine sellers and suppliers.

Photovoltaic Cells – Technology of the Future

“Photovoltaic cells” are termed as “the fastest growing technology in the world”. They are one of the smartest inventions made by man because they make use of the energy that has been provided for “free” by nature. The sun will continue to shine for millions of years to come and if efficient solar panels or photovoltaic cells, then people can have free and clean energy for many years to come.

In Search of Technology

In the past few years most people in every country are experiencing the high cost of energy bills, in particular, electricity. To some people they are adjusting to current situation by cutting their vacation or holiday budgets, minimizing travel and reducing power use. To some extent education is also suffering. This global problem will continue unless we can find the right technology that can solve this ever growing economic problem.

Energy Future – What Is Energy of Shale Gas? India to Become a Hub of Shale Gas

The energy needs of people worldwide are primarily oil, coal and natural gas. Major supplier of oil and natural gas are the Gulf countries. In the last decade, the rights of persons in the world has been affected as crude oil and natural gas rates have soared many times. This has made the economic rights of people in countries like America, China and India that are large importer. In the next decade, oil and natural gas consumption should increase by several times. In the near future, shale gas energy is to protect the rights of people to make energy available at reasonable rates.

Possibilities of Free Energy

What are the possibilities of free energy for home use? The possibility is actually incredibly high. There have been lots of experiments and inventions in the past years to harness the power of natural resources and convert it to energy or electric power.

Seven Tips for Putting Together an Effective Fleet Fueling Policy

What are you doing to control your fuel management system? Does your fleet fueling program have the controls it needs it place to lower your diesel fuel prices?

Spanish Government Announces Tariff Cut Backs

Announcements earlier this month that the Spanish government was to reduce spending in another sector of the Spanish economy would hardly have made for happy reading on the pages of El Pais and El Mundo. Nevertheless the news was that huge spending cut backs would be made on solar energy with tariffs designed to attract uptake with reductions of up to 45 percent.

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