Nevada Governor Touts Solar Power Generation In His State

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Things You Need to Know About Fossil Fuels and Energy Production

If you are overwhelmed by all the tips, advise, and suggestions to reduce your carbon foot-print, you ought to revise the basics of your knowledge base on fossil fuels. On one hand, all of us are educated enough to understand the importance of Mother Nature, while on the other hand we tend to ignore its significance. The electricity we use for the computer that we are “surfing” on during break-time, the SUV that we use instead of public transportation for the sake of our social status, and the fresh running water for which we do not bother turning off…

Solar Hot Water: Renewable Energy Solution for Your Home

Solar thermal is a renewable energy technology that utilizes the sun’s energy as a heat source. It is a brilliant way to generate energy and provides heat, hot water and cooling to homes. The most common uses include heating household water, pool water and living space. Here we will discuss solar thermal energy systems for hot water.

Five Important Benefits of Using Solar Energy

The installation of solar energy systems offers many advantages. This article lists five important benefits you can receive by using solar power in a commercial or municipal business.

Five Benefits of Commercial Solar Power Energy

The installation of solar power systems offers many benefits and advantages. This article lists some of the more significant gains you can receive by the use of solar energy in a commercial or municipal business.

Is Saudi Arabia Sustainable As a Kingdom Once It Runs Out of Oil?

Indeed, we’ve talked about peak oil since the 1970s. Luckily, we keep finding new oil reserves, and now we’ve found a way to get even more oil out of the ground using new methods, for instance using fracking techniques. It’s turned out to be an absolute bonanza here at home, and it will continue to be around the world as other nations with oil reserves start using the same strategies.

Here Is an Analysis Of Geothermal Power

As we want to find different energy resources for our power greedy society, geothermal energy is obtaining plenty of recognition. Here is a brief review of geothermal energy.

Benefits of Energy Deregulation

With the availability of new technologies and the falling prices of electricity and energy, deregulation of the energy industry has finally made its appearance after years and years of talks and trials. Many states in the U.S. are now offering choices to consumers on who they choose to provide and manage their energy sources.

The Business of Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation has been brought to many U.S. states in order to introduce competition to the energy industry including natural gas and electricity. Customers that live in energy deregulated states are able to choose whom they buy their electric and gas utilities from, allowing them to search for better deals and prices.

A Guide to the Working of Fossil Fuels and Their Energy Production

Fossil fuels are formed from fossilized plants which are under immense pressure for millions of years. A few examples of fossil based energy sources are natural gas, coal and petroleum-based substances. They are combustible and release waste gases and heat.

Is China Hitting Its In-Country Peak Oil Chart Too Early?

Run for the hills, it’s peak oil! Indeed, I bet you haven’t heard anything crazy like that since the 1970s, although maybe you have, such as the global warming scare, Y2K, or this recent Mayan calendar conspiracy theory. I’m telling you the Mayans just ran out of stone as they were carving their letters and numbers into that rock for their calendar.

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