‘Never-Ending Array Of Manufactured Crises’: GOP Rep Criticizes Biden Admin

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New Energy Program Holds Promise for San Joaquin Valley

The San Joaquin Valley is so hot that summertime power bills can contain a comma. Yet, the abundance of sun, and waste and other resources make it a potential hotbed of solar and clean-energy research. A new program could help the Valley in those development efforts.

Benefits Of Switching To A New Energy Provider

Tired of your old energy provider? Looking to save on your next energy bill? Have you ever considered switching to a new and improved supplier? Well, here’s something you need to read.

Could California Become Solar Central?

It’s supposed to be 110 degrees today in Fresno, where I sit in an air-conditioned office writing this blog about an even hotter portion of California – a region that could possibly become Solar Central. Could the desert regions of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Imperial and Riverside counties become the world’s largest solar resource?

Wave Power Facts

Wave power or wave energy is the process of harnessing the ocean waves’ power. This power basically comes from the winds that cause the waves in the ocean; the wind comes from the different varying heat temperatures all over the world and the earth’s uneven surface. Wave energy is one of the cleanest alternative sources of energy and is renewable and safe to use. It is different from tidal energy which uses the natural ebb and flow of the ocean to get energy. The method of harnessing energy from the waves are different and if you want to know more about that, we have just the right type of information for you.

Burning Waste to Produce Energy Has Great Potential As an Energy Source

Burning waste to produce energy has great potential as an energy source. This is particularly important when you consider the amount of waste produced in the modern world, the problems faced with disposal and the effort being put into recycling.

Save Energy With CFL Bulbs

How can CFL Bulbs let you save energy? What is it about them anyway? If you’re interested to find ways on how to conserve energy, might as well read about these alternatives.

Solar Energy Scholarships

The scope for solar energy scholarships has been increasing every year. I will talk about these scholarships in this article. But before that let us take a brief look at solar energy and why it is useful to us.

Solar Energy Science Projects – Getting Popular

Solar energy science projects are something that most university students and science enthusiasts are very interested in and want to pursue because of the ease with which they can be built and also because of the money that can be saved if used properly and efficiently on a larger scale. In this article, I will be listing some of the possible projects that you can pursue and are very cheap and also easy to do with materials that are available everywhere around us. Now, we must consider the fact that for a typical solar energy science project,…

Homemade Electricity – My Personal Experience With Free Energy! Part 1

I would like to take you on journey of enlightenment. Not a religious journey but a real life story of a good friend and her eye opening experience towards how we all treat the electricity that we use in our homes. I will explain, in my own words, why I believe that all energy producing equipment has its place in our day-to-day living! The power of this experience needs to understood, so I have written the article over a number of parts.

The LED Light is Always Progressing

This article talks about the LED industry which will be more active in the future. The author also points out the reasons, such as the luminescence efficiency improvement and the price decrease.

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