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Energy Management in Real-Time

Energy Management takes many shapes and forms; if you find yourself having difficulty reducing energy costs and maintaining energy reduction perhaps the problem is the information you are receiving. Lord Kelvin said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.” Real-time energy information is an invaluable tool for Energy Management. Most of the savings gained from real-time energy monitoring can be completed without spending a single penny.

Biofuels Leaders: Three Big Dawgs in Biofuels

The biofuels industry has received a lot of attention for the up and coming small companies, many of whom are developing novel technologies to produce bio-based alternatives to gasoline. But now as the industry prepares for the scale-up and commercial introduction of fuels at meaningful scale, it is the large industrial companies that are starting to dominate. These Big Dawgs tend to be well financed. They also have the necessary ingredients to be credible commercializers of biofuels. Typically, these are well-known multi-national companies that have prior experience in either the production and delivery of petroleum-derived fuels or in the development of bio-based processes at very large scale. Who are these Big Dawgs? Here are the top three on my list.

Woodgasifier for Energy Independence

Of all the emerging technologies that promise to provide free green energy independence for country living, you really need to consider a woodgasifier solar system. I have listened to many discussions about how a person could live completely independent of the power grid on just solar energy alone. However, in truth, many that have really tried to do it have been somewhat disappointed, because there is no place on this earth where the sun shines 365 days out of every year. There is, however, a practical solution to this. Why not switch to a virtually free abundant source of energy: wood?

Oil Vs Renewables – The Current Outlook

Oil hasn’t lost much of its appeal despite the recent popularity of renewable energy. What awaits in years to come?

Pros and Cons of Coal As An Energy Solution

Although coal is not used nowadays to heat up homes and factories, its use is wholly similar to what it has been over the generations – as fuel. Only this time, coal is used for the generation of electricity, which is then transmitted over power lines to heat up homes and factories, and in ways too several to count.

Deregulated Electricity – Now Is The Time To Take Advantage Of It

Electricity deregulation has opened up the marketplace in a number of states and has enabled consumers to choose from multiple electricity providers who now compete for their business. In areas where the electricity marketplace is still regulated, consumers have only one option when it comes to choosing an electricity provider (the incumbent). The point of deregulation is ultimately to reduce prices and by introducing competition and choice into the market.

Invigorating Energy Investments in Biodiesel Sector and Solar Energy Sector

The southern part of Italy to experience a photovoltaic solar energy project and this project is launched by Polaris Energy, established in Luxembourg. The solar energy project in Italy will be completed by the end of 2011 and this plant will produce three megawatt hours of electricity per annum.

Jatropha Curcas – Biodiesel From Pool Soils

This article describes Jatropha curcas, a small tropical tree that has huge renewable energy and biodiesel potential, because it can be grown in dry and poor soils not suitable for food crops. These oil seeds hold significant promise for socio-economic development in developing countries, and a green answer to energy requirements.

Looming Energy Transition For Public Schools

Can schools actually survive the looming energy transition? Can Energy Salvation actually come from the government? What can we do to ensure heat and mobility?

How to Have High Energy

Without energy, things can not be accomplished. Energy is needed in human beings in order for them to go on through the day.

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