New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Ahead Of US And Germany

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Ambit Energy – Is It Really Possible to Get Free Energy With Ambit?

“Free energy” seems to be a theme that is in the forefront at social and corporate events recently. In this article we will examine one company that seems to be the target of many of these discussions.

Wave Energy

Waves, as powerful as they are, are caused by the wind blowing over the surface of the ocean. Many would have loved to go surfing because of the gigantic waves of Hawaii or the Caribbean. These powerful forces have contributed greatly in the name of sporting, fishing and traveling. But with recent breakthroughs, waves are now being considered as one of the green and renewable energies.

OPEC Lowers Its Oil Demand Estimates

The following article examines the decision of the OPEC to lower its oil demand estimates and the reasons behind it. The slow global economic recovery has affected many important economies adversely.

How You Can Make A Home Wind Generator – Quite A Few Materials You Could Currently Have

To make the most of your energy future, you must seriously look at making your own power at home. If you take the time to learn how to make a home windmill you will be taking a giant step forward. It does take some patience but the new skill you learn is worth it.

Steps To Make A Home Windmill – 4 Basic Components

If you learn the ins and outs of how to make a home windmill, you will understand at the end of the process how it all works, whether you like it or not! Although things may seem complicated at first, they are really not that bad. It just takes some time and focus to make it work.

Love and Clean Energy Jobs, American Style

Jobs are a big political hot potato right now. We need more. And going clean energy may just be the way to pull the U.S. out of this economic hole. But to get it done, we may need a little help from a “Love, American Style” plot.

Wind Power Vs Solar Power OR Hybrid?

The debate between wind power vs. solar power is over. Inside read why.

What About the Jobs Crisis? Two Words: Clean Energy

Jobs are a big political hot potato right now. We need more. Government policy can help the process, but the private sector creates opportunity. A straight-talking Chicagoan like Slats Grobnik might say something like, “Try clean energy. We can’t keep polluting everything or our kids will suffer. Figure it out. Jobs will follow.”

Wind Turbine Purchase Strategies

This is a great time to be considering a wind turbines purchase. All the stars are lined up to provide you with a variety of choices and a huge government incentive to boot. Below are three questions that will drive you to the answers you need about how to decide how to purchase a windmill for your home:

House Electrical Power Windmills – Several Things You Ought To Do First

When you are looking into how to use the wind on your property to make power, you need to really assess what resources you have available right off the bat. Just because you live in a place that seems like it has a lot of wind does not mean it will work for you. It is amazing how many people make that mistake in their zeal to become greener.

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