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Will Wind Power Ever Be A Significant Energy Source?

With the cost of fuel nowadays, there is much talk about alternative energy. One form that is being talked about is wind energy, and the efficiency of wind farms. Using wind as an alternative energy source means having a renewable power that is fantastically clean. Wind is triggered by changes in the temperature on the ground, which comes from the heat of the sun, so basically wind power could be said to be sourced from solar power. The wind is then channeled to produce electricity.

The Solar Energy Industry in Ontario

The Province of Ontario has made a strong commitment to closing down its coal fired power plants. In doing this, Ontario has become the first Province, even country to make this commitment. To meet this goal, Ontario has modeled a renewable energy program which closely resembles that of Germany’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

Comparing the Upside and Downside of Using Solar Power

Solar power is the energy created by harnessing sunlight and converting it into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells or concentrating the wide spectrum of the sun light in a small area which makes it possible to produce energy that can be used to carry out a wide range of tasks that could power a wide variety of establishments which includes homes and offices. It is currently been eyed as one of the most effective and efficient alternative power source and many companies are looking to make it available to the public. However, just like everything…

Deregulation Of Energy – The Time Is Now

Deregulation is the elimination of government regulations that limit the process of market forces. Deregulation is not the elimination of laws against scams or property rights, but removing or reducing government control of how business is done, going toward more laissez-faire, free market.

First City to Change All Its Streetlights to LED

Which city will be first in North America to completely convert its entire street-lighting network to LEDs? Would you guess… Welland, Ontario?

Dinosaurs Are Not the Answer, Clean Energy Is

When I bought my little rotting-into-the-earth beach house on Camano Island, Wash., I discovered not only did it not have any insulation other than some magazines nailed inside the walls but that it had dreaded and inefficient electric heat. My battle restoring it over the next six years proved to be a lesson in energy efficiency and the need to do more with less, something the nation’s builders and decision makers also could learn.

Explaining How China Has Affected the Price of Solar Panels

China appears to be the country that is currently dominating the solar industry with rapid expansion from long-term loans and investment from the Chinese government. This has led to the importation of relatively cheaper Chinese solar panels into various countries looking to meet renewable energy targets.

Will the Green Deal Succeed?

Saving the planet is the biggest challenge we face even with all the economic volatility around the world. British Gas has signed an official agreement to support the UK government’s Green Deal energy efficiency scheme. It’s a not-for-profit organisation made up of some of the biggest and well-known companies in the country. In total 16 firms are on board along with British Gas, E.ON, EDF, HSBC and Goldman Sachs.

6 Massive Wind Mill Incentives

Wind turbine incentives come in 2 forms – direct ones from manufacturers and the government and intrinsic benefits that you will realize when your blades start turning. Any way you slice it, installing a home wind turbine is a concept chocked-full of reasons to motivate you to move forward and get one on board now. Here are the government and direct payment incentives that will help you on the front end with your purchase:

Renewable Energy in Germany

Renewable energy refers to the energy which comes from sources which are naturally replenished. These sources may be wind, water or solar energy. When we talk about non-renewable sources of energy like coal, crude oil etc. these fuels are consumed while producing energy and cannot be reused. On the other hand when we talk about renewable energy sources, they can be reused.

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