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Is Solar Energy the Right Answer?

Solar energy has enormous potential but still solar energy technologies have only started developing and it will take some time before solar energy becomes one of the most important energy sources. When will this happen? If anything goes well, before the end of this century.

World Wind Energy Resources

Wind Energy is on the go and in near future clearly seems to be the major source of electricity as it is widely available and abundant in many parts of the world. According to the World Watch Institute, locations with high wind speed around the world could theoretically yield 13 times more electricity that is being currently produced worldwide.

Solar Hot Water Systems Explained – The Why and How of Solar Hot Water

The Australian climate varies greatly given the vast land mass of the Country. Though experiencing severe drought in some areas and flash flooding in others, the Australian climate can be put to use in ways that can benefit you, your wallet and the environment. Solar hot water is one of those benefits, which can save you thousands of dollars in household heating bills.

Why Finding Alternatives to Driving Gas-Powered Vehicles Now Makes Cents

If you haven’t yet considered the future of driving a gasoline powered vehicle, you should. Read why alternatives make sense to your wallet.

What Your Solar Installer May Not Have Told You About Massachusetts SRECs

If you are in the process of evaluating a PV system, pay attention to what your solar installer predicts is the value of SRECs and also look at the duration of payment. They should be showing you the most conservative calculation. DO NOT… I repeat, DO NOT pick a solar installer just because they promise a higher value for your SRECs.

Bureau of Land Management Announced it Will Charge in Rent For Solar-Power Plants on Federal Land

U.S. Government Permits Utility-Scale Solar Projects Amounting to 22 Gigawatts in Capacity. This will stimulate renewable energy job market. Demand for Trained Solar Technicians are growing. It is becoming clear that solar training would be unavoidable as America is taking major steps towards Renewable Energy…

Photovoltaics and Their Role in the Advancement of Renewable Energy

One of the largest forms of renewable energy available is solar. In order to convert the radiation from the sun to electric power, photovoltaic cells are required. The photovoltaic effect is the process by which the radiation is converted. Read on about photovoltaics and the advancement of solar energy.

Top 3 Uses of Unconventional Gas

It is no doubt that natural gas is very important for life as we know it to continue. We need it and rely on it, whether it comes from conventional or unconventional gas deposits. Companies involved in the exploration oil industry are moving forward by leaps and bounds on a daily basis in order to ensure that we can continue living with the comforts we have come to depend on. Learn the top three ways unconventional gas is used every day.

Photovoltaic Solar Facts You Need to Know

By now nearly everyone can tell you what a photovoltaic solar panel is but when it comes to all the details relating to kilowatt sizing, or the area which these panels will cover on a roof that is when questions arise. The versatility that solar electric panels bring offers a wide range of possibilities for solar designers which allows them to create configurations that can cover virtually any surface area.

Five Types of Renewable Energy

The following article discusses five different types of alternate energies which are much better than using non renewable fuels. These resources do not renew themselves; they are also harmless for the environment. People should try to switch to these options according to the availability in their regions.

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