‘Oppression, Violence, And Discrimination’: Walz Releases Message on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Will Fuel Prices Surge Just Days Before the November 2012 Election in the Northeast?

Is it possible that Hurricane Sandy could end President Obama’s political career? Some say yes, some say no, but let’s considered some facts. Americans know that the policies of the executive branch in our country do affect our gasoline and fuel prices. No president can legitimately deny that. Gasoline has skyrocketed under Obama, not because our nation is cooking along economically, but due to regulations, executive orders, and pure politics in Washington DC.

Flash Gordon Didn’t Bother With Fossil Fuels

Inspiration comes from many places. When it comes to climate change, the planet could use all the help it can get. I look to Flash Gordon fought to save the world from utter destruction and Ming the Merciless with little more than his fists.

Who’s Responsible for High Gas Prices?

During the presidential debates, Mitt Romney blamed the rising gasoline prices on President Obama’s policies. That idea is incorrect but it has been spread by his political party, political pundits who claim to be conservative, and certainly the oil companies who would profit from it. This article explains why that is not true.

Micro Hydro Generator – Peeking Into the Technology Inside!

It’s a brand new era; a era of ideas and innovation. Micro hyrdo generator is the perfect example. It makes use of water to generate electricity. Isn’t it surprising? Now, this electricity just isn’t in watts but in tons of of watts. Which means that you need to use this state-of-the-artwork generator to energy your total house.

A Gasoline Shortage Despite Plenty Of Fuel

American oil production is up and we’re exporting fuel. Yet California stations are running out of gas.

How Green Do You Want to Be?

With the state of the environment being nothing short of perilous, the use of green energy is fast becoming a necessity. This extends even to power consumption at home and in businesses, where the switch to a green energy supplier is most recommended, not just to save money but also the planet we live in. As such, we should be able to choose green energy suppliers wisely, if we and the environment plan to stick around for a long, long time.

Study, Baby, Study

New York’s Gov. Cuomo aims to study gas-producing “fracking” to death. It’s the Democrats’ answer to “drill, baby, drill.”

3 Benifits Of Installing Solar Energy – Solar Energy Explained

What is solar energy? This is probably one question that keeps ringing in your mind if you are thinking of alternating your sources of power. Well, solar energy is the radiant light and heat that reaches earth from the sun.

Space-Based Clean Energy Could Alter the Future

Cruising through a used book store isn’t the best place to come up with an idea that could save the planet. But on a recent visit among musty tomes, I came across a book about a concept that could actually bring cheap energy to the masses.

Opening Up the Domestic Energy Market to Competition – Or a Cartel?

While overall demand for gas for power generation has been lower than average over the past few weeks, statistics indicate that household consumption has risen – hardly surprising given very noticeable lack of a ‘barbecue summer’ this year. Demand on the regional system for gas has decreased by 2.1%, but dropped a much more telling 19% on the national system.

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