Pelosi Accepts Women For Peace and Security Award at NATO Parliamentary Assembly

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In Search of the Cheapest Electric Company

If you’re like most consumers you want to get the best prices you can for the services you require on a regular basis. You are able to choose between various power providers to find the cheapest electric company to meet your needs.

Life in the Trenches: How Solar Projects Really Work (or Don’t)

Plan early, get help, do some research, and solar energy projects will consistently come out right. Failure to plan is planning to fail, and as simple as these projects seem, they can break just as easily as my brother and my Lego fortresses if you don’t plan them properly.

The Opposite Of ‘Too Cheap To Meter’

In 1954, Lewis Strauss famously predicted that electricity from nuclear power plants would become “too cheap to meter.” Far from being too cheap to meter, nuclear power is proving to be too expensive to make.

Are There Any Cheap Alternative Sources of Energy?

There is no doubt that people are now becoming more proactive when it comes to taking care of the environment. You now see many home owners who opt to live a greener lifestyle, from the lighting solutions they use to the cars they drive. What’s stopping many people however, is the cost of alternative energy.

Solar Energy Is Much Cheaper Than You Think

Energy is a huge deal. It’s most likely a big portion of your monthly expenditures. And it has a transformational effect on the world we live in. But we won’t get into all that today – let’s get into the fun stuff! I’m going to catch you up on some tremendously awesome news about solar power.

Is Wind the Next Big Thing for the World That Has Exhausted Its Fossil Fuels?

Large wind farms are being set up worldwide; newer and better technologies are being used to make the most of what this energy source has to offer. In the recent yeas, wind energy has emerged as a noticeable renewable source in many countries. And people have begun to ask “whether wind energy is the next big thing?”

Green Energy – The Basics

In these contemporary times, more and more people are seeking to educate themselves regarding ways that they can contribute to the preservation of the environment. While many subjects come up during discussions regarding the environment, green energy seems to be an increasingly integral aspect of them. By learning more about green energy, you can play a positive role in the preservation of the environment and have informed discussions with friends and colleagues.

A Note On The UK’s Shale Gas Debate

The American example of how the intensive exploration of shale gas potentials can change the economic fortunes of a nation within a decade looks to have positioned the policy makers in the United Kingdom on the horns of a dilemma. Owing to the shale gas boom, the United States has begun its journey from being over-reliant on the importation of natural gas to being a net exporter of the same in the next few years. However, when you bring the environmental impact of the drilling of shale gas into question, the American model might not necessarily be your best example…

An Assessment of Dangote’s Oil Refining Plans

The news that Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa has decided to take the bull by the horns and invest in the risky oil refining business can only be met with an optimistic response. Especially from more than 90% of the Nigerian populace who have recently been made to bear the brunt of high fuel prices due to the controversial removal of subsidy on imported petrol products.

Solar Energy In Nigeria – Time To Get Down To Business

Many Nigerians believe the only way to solve the age long electricity crisis in the country is through independent power generation, as they have since lost faith in the government’s ability to decisively solve this problem that has significantly stunted the growth of the Nigerian economy for years now. Well it will be difficult to blame people trying to meet basic electricity supply needs and also keep businesses running without much hassle. As we now know the environmental threats and inconveniences power generators cause, it is quite encouraging to see some effort from the government, research institutes and private…

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