Pelosi Admonishes Press For Not Promoting Contents Of Reconciliation Bill

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Three’s Company – Oil, Coal, and Solar

I’m pro renewable energy. I’m passionate about solar power, and I care tremendously about our environment. However, coal is what brought us into and allowed the industrial age to occur. Even today, coal produces half of the energy in the United States, and more in other countries.

Renewable Energy Increases Home Resale Values

In a sluggish real estate market teetering on the edge of the potential for a double dip recession many people are seeking ways with which to add value to homes and to date nothing does the job quite as well as renewable energy systems. In fact, homes that already have these great systems installed on them have seen far greater interest from potential home buyers which in some instances were not even listed to begin with.

Some Interesting Solar Energy Facts

There are several solar energy facts that you may have heard of before. But since I was talking about the various advantages of solar energy, I thought I might also write an article about different facts about solar energy.

Solar Pool Heaters – 5 Easy Tips For a Simple Do it Yourself Project

Last month, I finally finished adding the finishing touches to my very own solar pool heater which I had been working for week or so after referring to a guide online that was about an easy do it yourself (DIY) project to build your own solar pool heater. I found it quite easy to follow and for most of the time, I was thinking, “This stuff is pretty simple. Why didn’t I think of doing this before?

Senate Energy Bill Prompts Action

Amidst the country’s turmoil after the the massive oil spill due to the offshore oil rig fire, the political wrangling on the energy bill submitted by Senators Lieberman and Kerry finally came to a good ending. Energy efficiency are the focus of news these days as large and small organizations look at their own consumption to know how they can be sustainable. In short, the Senate energy bill is prompting action around the country.

10 Tips to Help You Lower Your Electric Bill and Save Money

Decreasing your electricity consumption will obviously save you money, but there are collateral benefits in addition to a lower electricity bill: when enough individuals use less electricity, less power needs to be generated, and fewer harmful greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. This guide provides 10 useful tips to help you save money on your electric bill, and, along the way, help protect the environment.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Many individuals and companies from coast to coast either have or are going to be making the switch to renewable energy systems in part or in whole this year and while the majority will either select wind or solar there is yet another option. All of these systems have their own requirements that determine the best locations for their use but there are yet many situations where using multiple systems or what is known as Hybrid systems offer a far greater versatility and power.

Commercial Power Factor Conditioners Save Thousands

We have issued several articles that address the great importance of reducing the monthly electrical costs associated with residential homes through the use of power factor conditioners. We have also provided the technical data which clearly shows how power factor affects your energy consumption and the life of the electrical appliances that use power throughout the home.

How Important Are the Oil Sands?

The Deepwater Horizon disaster has proven to be one of the great environmental tragedies of our time. However, as a result of the scale of the problem, experts are now questioning their beliefs that taking oil from oil sands is a far more unreliable option.

Solar Energy Becoming Increasingly Popular in United States

Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy sources but many people are still reluctant to go solar. What will take for solar energy to become one of the major players on global energy market?

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