Psaki Believes International Community Recognizes Biden’s ‘Unquestionable’ Commitment To Environment

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Energy Efficiency Movement Gains Steam

Energy efficiency doesn’t boast the sex appeal of solar or wind power, but it gets results. Ask efficiency pioneer and advocate Art Rosenfeld, who battled to reduce energy use in California in the 1970s, averting construction of nuclear plants. Now others are joining the fold.

Bioenergy Used for Fuel Transportation

With the buzzwords of bioenergy and bioenergy products on everyone’s lips today, it’s not a wonder that so many people are looking for ways and means to make it a more common product in everyday life. From a pipe dream in the 1960’s hippie generation, it’s now become mainstream to be green and think of alternative energy as one way to save the environment. What interests a lot of people now is biofuel and biogas for their vehicles, especially after that much-publicized BP fiasco just a while ago.

The World Largely Depends on the Rare Earth of China

Recently, the Chinese government has begun to restrain the export quota of the rare earth. The countries like Japan, America and some European countries become rather worried about the policy, as they have always imported the rare earth from China for a long time.

The Future Energy From Geothermal Energy (2)

At first glance, it looks as if hydrogen and oxygen to the fuel cell are ideal energy for the future would be. However, the technical problems of the electrolytic conversion of hydrogen and oxygen in water are enormous. The fuel cell is that civilization does not solve the energy problems. It remains an inexhaustible source of energy and constantly available or the geothermal left only.

Robert Bryce’s Myths About Green Energy

Robert Bryce lists what he claims are five myths about green energy. Most myths contain an element of truth but, upon examination, Mr. Bryce myths are not myths at all.

Prospect Of Jatropha Curcas As An Energy Plant

Jatropha Curcas plant or can be called physic nut has a large potential as a source of renewable energy in the future. This is caused by the depletion of fossil fuel sources. Petroleum is expected to be exhausted in 50 years. Meanwhile, gas and coal have the time to stay longer because its reserves are still abundant.

The Scale Of Smart Grid Will Increase In This Year

This article mainly talks about the smart grid which will become the important administration direction of the governments. The author also points out the corporations in Taiwan have gained a certain scale in this industry.

Advantages of Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries Over Other Batteries With an Alkaline Battery Charger

Alkaline batteries are charged using a specific charger. An alkaline battery charger is available in different styles and brands. They are safe to use and have a built in shut off circuit which helps prevent the unit from short-circuiting in the event of a power surge.

Important Things About Renewable Energy

If you are amongst the people who barely knew the advantages and sources of renewable energy, then it is high time for you to learn. Energy conservation is everybody’s concern; hence we should always be aware of the actions and efforts undergone to preserve the already limited stocks of coals and fossil fuels which serve as the main sources of the world’s power supply.

Why Should We Care About Alternative Energy?

Our level of energy production is simply not sustainable and we find ourselves looking at renewable sources of energy. Is this all just a fad or interesting hobby? Does it matter?

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