Puerto Rico’s Power Grid In Critical Condition As Frustration Grows

Puffy Lux

Climate Change – Imagine How a Penguin Feels

I sent a penguin to Durban, South Africa. Not a real one, just a cartoon via social media. It’s part of an effort launched by four Belgians to drum up international interest in the largely ignored Climate Summit. The penguins are the latest of a barrage of efforts to rein in pollution. And since little materialized from the 190-nation summit, expect more like it by increasingly disillusioned groups and individuals.

A Brief Introduction to Thin Film Solar Technology

There’s a relatively new and exciting type of solar panels which are known as a “thin film solar panels”. There are several types of PV panels that fall into this category but the most interesting aspect of these devices is that manufacturers are now actually able to “print” solar panels!

Wind Turbines and Wind Farm Development

Wind Turbines appear in a variety of forms (the most common two being those that rotate around a horizontal axis (which are more older and common) or around a vertical axis). Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT) incorporate the main rotor shaft and an electrical generator at the top of the tower and must be pointed into the wind.

Energy Efficiency – I’m Giving It All She’s Got Captain

In about three months, most of the energy efficiency work I’ve been trying to get done the past two years must be complete. So far, only a fraction has been put in place. It’s making me a little frantic to say the least. I feel like Montgomery Scott in the engine room of the Enterprise in an early episode of the original “Star Trek.”

Fossil Fuels and Classifications

Fuel can be defined as a combustible substance which contains carbon as its main components, which gives large amount of heat on proper burning. ï’· Carbon can be used economically for domestic and industrial requirements. ï’· Common example involving wood, charcoal, coal, kerosene, petrol, diesel, producer gas, oil gas, etc.

The Effects of the Change in Solar Panel Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs are rewards for producing energy through renewable means such as solar panels. For every unit of energy produced you will receive a specified amount of money.

4 Simple Energy Saving Solutions

Most of us are unaware of the fact how much electricity is wasted in our home every day. That is why saving energy is becoming difficult. Here is some energy saving tips, which describe how some innovative devices can save energy from being fruitlessly used.

Solar Powered LED Lights

Solar energy is beginning to make an impact on all our lives. A perfect example of this is the sheer quantity of solar powered lights that have recently come onto the market.

Solar Technology To Power The Future

Every single day, more energy from the sun extends to the planet than what is needed to power all of our energy specifications for a year. This is a remarkable reality when you think about it, because it is in fact energy that is free. The problem up until now has actually been how to harvest that energy.

Incandescent Vs CFL Vs LED

What are some of the real differences? Find out now!

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