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Emerging Trends With the Alternative Energy Products

Solar energy is making its importance felt in the today’s world. Sun has always been seen as an inexhaustible source of power even from the times when the man was in its evolutionary stage. The sun was and is a source of power.

Free Solar Panels From British Gas

Yes, you did read the title correctly. The largest energy provider in the UK is giving away solar panels. Read on to find out what the deal is and if you qualify.

Oil and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Exploration Supported by Government of India

The Petroleum and Natural Gas ministry of India has requested the oil marketing companies to increase the supply of the liquefied petroleum gas to meet the rising demand in the country. The petroleum secretary S Sundareshan articulated that, liquefied petroleum gas should reach all the people of India, and it should be done within 2015. S Sundareshan mandated the officials of the oil marketing companies and dealers of the liquefied petroleum gas to check this scheme and it should be carried out successfully.

Energy Efficient Projects Arising Across the World and Development of Clean Energy Technology

Eamon Ryan, the Energy Minister of Ireland recently declared that, the government of Ireland is planning to implement fresh energy investments plan and it will also seek the proposals by the people. NER300 will be furnishing the energy investments and this financial body is jointly managed by the European Investment Bank, European Commission and the members of the European Union.

Effects Caused by the Damaged Natural Gas and Oil Pipeline and Oil News Across the World

The pipeline in the Texas, United States, which carries the lion’s share of the natural gas of the country, is subjected to failure. The Texas pipeline was constructed a decade ago and it has the capacity to carry oil and gas over 30000 miles to 45000 miles.

Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Iran and Investments Plans in Lithuania

The first nuclear power plant in Iran will start it’s functioning soon and the deputy head of the nuclear department of Iran Beheads Soltani said that, the Bushehr nuclear plant in the southern part of Iran will commence its feeding, when the output attains more than 250 megawatts. He also mentioned that, the nuclear power plant has the capacity to generate nearly 900 megawatts of power during the spring season.

Energy From Algae – A Ray of Hope for the Power Hungry World

Petrochemical resources are limited and are bound to be scarce in the times to come. Also, due to their adverse impact on the environment, which has lead to a widely discussed phenomenon of global warming, the use of these fossil fuels has to be reduced by both the developed as well as the developing world. Development of CO2-neutral sustainable fuels thus becomes a high priority in the research regimes across the world. Energy generation from certain plants like rape or oil palm may not be the best option as these may also be used for food production. High oil prices, competing demands between foods and other Biofuel sources, and the world food crisis, have hence ignited interest in alga culture (farming algae) for making vegetable oil, Biodiesel, Bio-ethanol, Bio-gasoline, Bio-methanol, Bio-butanol and other Bio-fuels, using land that is not suitable for agriculture. But is this story as straight and simple?

Alternative Energy Source Review: Solar Energy

Solar energy refers to the power that can be harnessed from the sun, specifically light and heat. There is an unlimited, free supply of solar energy. The best thing about the use of solar energy is that it does not pollute the air and water. However, there are some indirect effects on the environment.

Solar Power Inverter Functionality and Usage – Explained

When planning to buy a solar inverter, it is advised to purchase an inverter that has more volts than the storage battery in your power system. Solar power inverters are not a cheap device and therefore should only be purchased from a trusted supplier. Make sure that you get proper warranty and check for the materials being used for making your solar power inverter.

Research Before Buying Solar Panels

Online research is a world of endless data. You can search for online stores, check the details about the products they are offering, check the latest discounts and offers, and compare their prices to find out the best supplier.

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