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A History of Wind Turbine Development

The sight of a turbine rotating on a hilltop in Scotland, or out at sea off our coasts, has become a more familiar sight in recent years. The application of wind turbines has progressed significantly since their initial conception in the late 1800’s.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an energy produced by innate resources which are naturally replenished. And since they are renewable it only means that it is sustainable and will never run out unlike the conventional power sources like fossil fuels and coals which will no longer be usable after being burnt up. Compared to renewable energy facilities, traditional power plants and generators require more maintenance since they are operated by conventional fuels.

Stop Paying the Electric Company

Why pay someone else for something you can get yourself? It’s the hottest topic of the decade, but it’s the simplest way to save some money every month. Don’t pay your electric company any more than you already have by making the energy yourself.

Global Surge in Green Energy Investment

Reports released in July by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), have revealed that global investment in the green energy sector has witnessed a significant boost. However, this information has been somewhat marred following the release of a Bloomberg report indicating that the fossil fuel industry enjoys a far greater share of government subsidies in comparison with the renewable energy sectors.

What is the Use of Chemical Energy?

Among the many types of energy applied in the nature and society, the chemical energy is most widely used. It permits the storage of the energy for latter usage and it is extremely easy to access. If there happens to be no chemical energy, most fundamental needs and other luxuries of human can never be made possible.

Workings Within Nuclear Power Plants

How do nuclear power plants work to ensure absolute safety? To answer this question constantly tossed up in environmental forums, it may be best to understand what goes behind doors of a nuclear power plant.

LED Paves the Way For Energy-Saving Age

This article introduces the current situation of the environment and energy depletion. It also introduces the developing LED industry which will solve the energy problem.

Climate Change, Things You Need to Consider!

Regardless of what is leading to climate change, it is happening. Is it the ordinary path of life on Earth or is humanity burdening the atmosphere with elements detrimental to its function?

Facts About Energy Comparison

In the world of today there is a huge influx of automatically operated gadgets and equipments that are required as part of our professional as well as personal lives. The force that activates the automatic equipments is energy supplies of different kinds. And these are available to us at a price.

What Will Wind Turbines Cost the Public?

Even though you might not be interested in a do it your self wind turbine project this might interest you. Consumer Energy of Michigan is planning a 50 wind turbine farm in Mason County, Michigan. This will be a 100.8 megawatt project covering about 16,000 acres.

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