Ron DeSantis Says Covid Restrictions On Schooling ‘Not Based In Reality’

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Can Algae Replace Oil for Our Energy?

Anyone who drives a car can see that the cost of gas bounces up and down in the short term but in the end will always continue to move higher as our fossil fuel reserves diminish. This makes the development of alternative fuels an unavoidable necessity in the future. We have grown accustomed to electricity rates which are quite low compared to what they may become when fossil fuels begin to run out.

Costa Rica Wind Turbines Solar Hot Water Systems

Central America consists of minimal typical power sources and large numbers of countryside poor that are nevertheless not likely linked to the power grid, growing electricity requirement is incredibly, making this particular region significantly less dependent on crude oil imports. Instead, it is turning to renewable power alternatives for example wind turbine power, hydroelectric, as well as photovoltaic based power.

Oil Ought to Give Clean Energy a Shot

For the past couple of years, I’ve been imagining this scenario: What if an oil company ventured big time into solar, wind, biofuels, hydrogen and wave energy? Imagine the public goodwill such a move would engender. It also offers strategic investment diversity. Communications teams could play up the green angle, talk up the environmental benefits and start referring to their employer as a full-spectrum energy company.

The Nuclear Power Dilemma

It is clear that there are still problems using nuclear reactors for power generation. Many nuclear power plant proponents have the cart before the horse. One should solve the problems a technology poses before you adopt a technology on a large scale. I’m all for putting inordinate resources into solving the problems first. Would one propose the wide use of a drug, a medical device or an aircraft without adequate safety testing? Safer alternatives are here and ultimate solutions are near at hand. It just takes political will and we are all part of that process.

What Is Clean Energy?

There is no silver bullet for providing a country as large and topographically diverse as the U.S. with a single source of sustainable, clean energy, but it is worth our future and checkbook to examine our potential sources of energy. It must be: available, reasonably priced and not detrimental to the ecosystems that sustain our planet.

Shale Gas Rush: Good or Bad for the Global Economy?

The discovery and first extractions of Shale Gas are dated back to the late 1800’s but it was eclipsed by larger conventional gas reservoirs and its cheaper extraction costs. With global natural gas reservoirs running low and technological advancements to Shale Gas extraction which made it cheaper and more profitable, the gas is now high on the agenda of many Governments around the globe.

Western Mass Biomass: Our Own Private Solyndra

The author’s examination of what and who is really behind Palmer Renewable Energy’s attempt to bring a biomass plant to western Massachusetts. Society should be examining the motives of those involved and the financial viability of the plant itself.

Why We Need Renewable Energy

Nonrenewable energy sources, mainly petroleum, coal and natural gas, pose many challenges for the global population, particularly because they are in short supply. As world’s finite supply of these sources becomes depleted, energy needs are rising. In societies where we use these fossil fuels for everything from transportation to cooking, it can be difficult to decrease the amount of energy we need.

Does Solar Energy Have Disadvantages?

Solar energy is a clean, renewable and widely untapped resource that is poised to become a part of the energy makeup of the future. It is also unregulated by government or corporate entities, which means that it is completely free to use–once you have installed the proper equipment, of course.

How Useful Energy Saving Devices Are

With the progression of technology, we have got several energy saving devices. They can help preserve and sustain environment. They can help our earth turn into a better living place.

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