Ron Wyden Promotes Benefits Of His Tax Plan On Electric Vehicles And Emissions Reductions

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Bounceback for Wholesale Energy Prices?

It’s been a bit of a yo-yo month for energy prices. After a bit of a drop off, Annual prices clambered back up 1.2% to £49.5/MWh, and gas recovered a respectable 1.7% to 64.0p/th. That puts both contracts back on target and 2% up on last month.

Warning – Energy Crisis Ahead

Do you understand the ramifications of an energy crisis? Do you believe what you read and hear in the news? If you don’t know what is coming, you can’t do anything to change the situation. Pay attention to the warnings and learn what your options are.

What to Do If You Have a Gas Leak

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you smell gas? Here are 10 top tips to prevent a potential disaster shall you have a gas leak.

What Is Your Alternative Energy IQ? This May Appear to Be a Trick Question

The other day, I was reading an interesting article which had a title something to the effect of; “What Is Your Solar Energy IQ?” Well, being somewhat intrigued, I looked over the series of questions, and I knew most of the answers, so I didn’t bother to check the results which were on the next page upside down, you know how they do that in the newspaper. None of the questions had anything to do with what solar panels are made out of, where they come from, how they are manufactured, or the current efficiency levels available to the public.

Alternative Energy

Some alternative source of power must be found. Since the oceans are worldwide source of power, and they are much larger than the world’s landmasses, it seems most logical to determine how we can use the many oceans and their movement as the main power generation vehicle to provide the energy the world needs.

Fracking – The Solution to Our Future Gas Supply Problems?

Contrary to what the general public believes, the boundless supply of North Sea gas has its limitations – and we’re rapidly heading towards them. Alternative supplies have to be found if the UK is to reduce its reliance on imported gas in the coming decades.

How Electrical Engineering Continues to Change the World

Electrical engineering may seem like a boring profession, especially if the first person that comes to mind is the public utility repairman who fixed the neighborhood power grid. Contrary to popular belief, a degree in electrical engineering leads to career opportunities bigger than that. Behind some of the latest and greatest innovations is a workforce that is well-versed on the subject.

The Year Was 2020 and The Government Came Up With a New Plan to Conserve Energy

Due to the regulatory attack on the fossil fuel and energy industry the oil sector was left in shambles, there were no more nuclear power plants, and the droughts of course quelled most of the hydroelectric power in the country. Natural gas was doing okay, but the price point had gone way back up as we exported most of the natural gas we had garnered from new fracking methods and sold it overseas. Since we got more money for it there, there wasn’t as much to use here at home – supply and demand.

Oil Rich Middle Eastern Nations Should Plan for Agriculture and Other Industries

Well, we know that when the oil runs out things can be quite tough for an oil-producing nation. This is because during the heyday when all the money is coming in those governments are flush with cash, and the corporations are making money and everyone is gainfully employed. When the oil runs out everything changes, the people are upset because they don’t have the same level of services and the economy takes a toll, and this can lead to civil unrest, rioting, or deep despair and an economic crisis.

Trending Factors That Favor Installation of Photovoltaic Systems for Businesses

The word photovoltaic is derived from “photo”, meaning light and “voltaic”, meaning voltage.  In it’s simplest form, this is light energy from the sun, which can be used to power some, or all, of the systems in a home or business.  Many home or business owners are daunted by the prospect of installing solar energy, but there are many reputable companies that will handle the install and maintenance for you.

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