Several Tornadoes Touch Down Across Midwest

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Can Solar-Generated Hydrogen Power the World?

Tapping into the sun for all the world’s energy is possible, we just have to figure out how to pull it off. Solve the storage issue by using that sun-generated electricity to crack hydrogen from water. Then swap petroleum for a liquid version of the gas, and the world sings.

Biofuels Score Big But Can They Cut Oil Imports?

Biofuels have stormed forward with a series of advances that could give the sometimes maligned alternative energy sector a major boost. But it won’t be easy, and technical and economic issues remain. But the government wants domestic suppliers to produce 36 billion gallons of biofuel by 2022, with 20 billion gallons coming from advanced biofuels, 15 billion gallons from corn ethanol and one billion gallons from biodiesel.

Producing Clean Power in the Absence of Water

It’s hard to go on a water-free diet when you’re a manufacturing facility, pushing out exhaust heat at more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure, a solar field or a wind turbine could generate water-free clean energy, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the lumber mills, the cement plants, the utilities, the steelworks and all of the other facilities that already exist and serve as the backbone of American industry.

Waste Heat Recovery: The Next Wave of Clean Tech

The terms renewable energy and clean technology conjure up certain images. It could be a photovoltaic panel baking in the desert, or perhaps a wind turbine slowly rotating in the Great Plains. Or, even a massive dam generating hydropower.

Solar Power Modules and Green Energy

The world is at its limit in providing us with fossil fuels and exhaustible natural resources. While metals and minerals can be reused and recycled, energy cannot. Photovoltaic solar module manufacturers are helping us go green by making clean and inexhaustible power resources.

Polycrystalline Solar Modules – Effective and Affordable

This article discusses why polycrystalline solar modules produce less energy than mono crystalline plates, but are more practical. This is because they are considerably more affordable. While the world is trying to develop more ecologically friendly energy solutions, you can see why cost does matter.

Why Germany Should Not Give Up Nuclear Energy

By closing down the nuclear power plants, Germany is making a mistake as meeting the energy needs and reducing the Co2 emission is becoming a huge quandary. A Whitepaper gives out relevant statistics and more.

Different Forms of Solar Modules for Sale

This article discusses the various forms of panels produced by solar product manufacturers the world over. There are three basic types of panels, and each has specific advantages and utilities according to their practical application.

Joint Ventures With the Largest Solar Module Manufactures

This article describes some of the best products you can market if you seek to go into business with PV module manufacturers. While PV companies make the base panels, here are some ideas of products that you can easily market.

Why Are Global Warming Alarmist Alternative Energy Folks Jamming Wind Projects Down Our Throat?

In case you’ve never thought about it, wind energy is not all that reliable. For instance, why not go outside of your house and tell me if the wind is blowing right now at 12 miles per hour. If it isn’t, then a wind turbine generator would not be making the electricity at the optimum needed to provide reliable energy for your home, in case you put up a big wind turbine nearby.

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