Small Plane Crashes Into Neighborhood Near San Diego

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Tidal Energy – Using the Energy of Tides to Generate Electricity

Tidal Energy or Tidal Power as it is also called, is another form of hydro power that utilises large amounts of energy within the oceans tides to generate electricity. Tidal Energy is an “alternative energy” that can also be classed as a “renewable energy source”, as the Earth uses the gravitational forces of both the moon and the sun everyday to move vast quantities of water around the oceans and seas producing tides.

OPEC Oil Prices Continue to Climb Up

In relation to the Vienna-based cartel, weekly average oil price of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) climbed up to $122.87 per barrel.  From the latest report on oil prices, the price rise has been recorded the highest since July 2008.

Various Ways For Individuals To Go Green

When it comes to going green most people think that saving water as well as recycling is all they have to do. While these are very important techniques for going green there are lots of other ways that people can go green. The things we will be discussing in this post are things that aren’t generally thought of when people think about going green. However these are some great methods people can use to have a better effect on our planet.

Wind Farms – Like Them Or Loathe Them, You Need To Know The Truth

Wind farms have had a lot of bad press lately, from being a drain on our economy, slaughterhouses for wildlife, destroying our heritage, causing all sorts of psycho semantic illnesses – but what is the real truth behind this ever-expanding growth of totally renewable energy. A lot of people may not be pleased by reading this article, as I have tried to put to bed a lot of the myths surrounding wind energy.

Geothermal Energy – Heating From the Earth’s Core

Geothermal energy draws heat from the Earth’s core. Geothermal is a renewable energy source which does not pollute, and is therefore very well suited for home heating and cooling. Pipes are placed underground and a liquid is circulated through these pipes so that heat from the ground comes up during cold times, and cool from the ground comes up during hot times. Geothermal heating is becoming very popular, and is a cost-effective alternative to the expensive and inefficient oil or gas home heating systems.

Wind Turbine Rotor Blades – Make Your Own or Buy Them

Wind Energy is a great way of both saving money and the enviroment. Building your own wind turbine design has many advantages and rewards but before embarking on such a project make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of making your own rotor blades or buying them premade.

Wind Power to the People

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which is part of The U.S. Department of Energy, has developed The Energy Wind Program which is leading a thrust in the U.S. to improve performance, speed up technological advances and lower the cost of using wind turbines for energy creation. The program is working in cooperation with U.S. industry, academic and national laboratory sources to speed up research and development of more efficient and long lasting turbines.

Amidst Other Alternatives, A Bright Foreseeable Future Beckons For Solar Technology

The sun, with its warmth and light, is the source of solar power, and it’s free, and it’s unlimited. Additionally, utilizing this energy for human use will not create any pollution, so our fresh air and water remain unaffected. In a roundabout way there is a somewhat negative result because of the photovoltaic cells made use of in the process. The Photovoltaic cells capture the energy in natural light and convert it to electricity, that will process uses silicon and does spit out certain amounts of waste.

Know All About Solar Panel Now

Solar power is the transformation of natural light into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly with concentrated solar power (CSP). CSP systems incorporate mirrors or lenses and monitoring units to concentrate a bigger area of sun rays in a small beam. Photovoltaic turns light into electricity through the photoelectric phenomenon.

The Wind Energy Disaster – Costly, Unreliable, Bird Killing, and Maintenance Nightmare

Apparently our energy policy has been blown off course by a group of environmentalists, eager eco-entrepreneurs, and public policy makers who seem to have their heads in a day dream rather than facing the reality of our intense demand for inexpensive energy in this country. It seems one of the worst culprits isn’t solar after all even with the big mega bankruptcy headlines of companies with guaranteed taxpayer loans from the DOE. The real challenge is wind energy, it isn’t working and the sector is in denial and taking a religious stance and won’t budge.

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