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Renewable Energy

Talk about renewable energy, talk about putting the Albert Einstein equation on hold. The world is currently groaning under the pressure of fluctuating fuel prices coupled with inefficient engines. What we need is an easy, sustainable means of energy.

Renewable Energy Power Saves Our Planet

In the present times the fuel which we are generally consuming as an energy source to fulfill our daily and regular energy requirements are petroleum, coal, kerosene, propane and natural gas. If we notice then we will find that all of them are non-renewable and hence when we use a single drop of such energy it means that drop can be replenished after several thousands of years only.

Several Ways in Using Biomass Energy

Biomass energy can be used in different ways. This article explains its four different categories: the biopower, biofuels, bioproducts and space heating as well as cooling. First is the biopower. Hydropower is perhaps the only renewable source of energy which is used more than biopower.

Be Part of the Future With Solar Energy Training

The use of renewable energy sources has become more wide spread than ever before. Individuals and the government are investing funds into renewable energy sources such as solar energy. This has caused an increase in demand for individuals who have proper solar energy training.

Do You Need a License to Install a Solar Powered Electric System?

This is a controversial topic in which many people feel that they should be allowed to perform their own solar panel system installations without being told that they need licensing. It is true that as a homeowner you can do whatever you like to your property because after all it is YOUR property but when it comes to what your property is connected too outside of its boundaries then this is where utility companies and building inspectors draw the line.

To Continue to Survive Our Civilization Needs to Incorporate Alternative Sources of Energy

Do we really need to invest in alternative energy systems? I mean whats the big deal right, we’ve done pretty well so far, and alternative sources of energy are more expensive. So why is alternative energy important.

Free Electricity From Home Saves You Money and Saves the Planet

The idea of having a simple home system that can generate free electricity may seem like science fiction, but it is becoming a growing trend with regular people all over the world. Learn about simple and inexpensive home power systems you can make at home.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research and the Truth

Hydrogen fuel cell technology was developed decades ago. Why are we just now re-discovering it? A hydrogen infrastructure has been planned out as a solution… yet the U.S Senate has turned it away multiple times.

Cap and Trade Pros and Cons

Cap and Trade has been a highly controversial topic regarding renewable energy for several years now and while many have disputed that this is just another tax intended to punish polluters it does have positives that cannot be denied. Since the House passed the Waxman-Markey bill many politicians have taken the stance of implementing cap and trade to force renewable energy change worldwide at the expense of private citizens which is where the buck stops.

Massachusetts Electricity Rates on the Rise

Like most of the population, you probably realize that your utility bills are going up, but probably have no idea by how much. Higher energy prices impact everyone…

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