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The Higgs Particle and What Comes Next for the Large Hadron Collider

By nature, scientists are a curious lot and would like to know how everything we see in the universe has come to pass? The discovery of the Higgs boson – if its characteristics are confirmed – is the missing piece to solidify the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Basically, without it we would not exist, because the Standard Model describes the world we know in terms of particle interactions.

Recognition of the Higgs Particle and Fundamental Research in Physics

This fundamental particle of the Standard Model of Physics has taken two decades of work and the dedication of many scientists, engineers and technicians. They faced enormous technological challenges, but the effort was worth it. The award of the Prince of Asturias for Technical and Scientific Research 2013 was bestowed upon theoretical physicists Peter Higgs and…

News of the Discovery of the Higgs Boson

“A particle collision event has been recorded in the Atlas detector of the Large Hadron Collider which has been identified as a potential Higgs.” So went the words coming out of the group of dedicated physicists looking for the cause, or fuse that lit the Big Bang. The CERN / ATLAS team had been working for months, along with thousands of other scientists and engineers around the world, after the LHC had come back online since a magnetic alignment mishap.

Solar PV Demand in the US Expected to Increase in 2013

Rising prices in non-renewable energy sources, increasing need for alternative sources, and unbelievable incentives from the government on feed-in tariffs – these are just some of the most common and practically most logical reasons why solar panel demand has increased in the US for the last 5 years. And by the end of the year 2013, the demand is seen to continuously rise.

Is Solar Energy Becoming The World’s Future Power Source?

Many countries are looking towards solar power as cost-effective options to the usual methods of generating electricity. With the ascending price of fossil fuels, not forgetting the greenhouse effect you obviously see and experience everyday, leaders all over the world are looking to solar energy to offset the price of utilities and help our world endure greenhouse effect for generations to come.

How Will Solar Energy Affect the Oil Industry?

Solar energy is not just an alternative to the expensive and pollutant sources of energy but really a solution that will soon see other sources of power closed and abandoned by many people. This clean and renewable source is today the most sought because of its benefits both to the environment and human life at large. Many people are already seeing solar power as the alternative to all other sources of energy.

Mexico Versus Venezuela With State Run Oil Strategies

For those who follow the global economics of energy, perhaps you’ll agree with my observations, but for those who have a solid academic education, left-leaning political slant there is a relevant lesson here, which will give you wisdom in your personal character growth. I’d like to discuss two very different strategies for Latin American nations with oil reserves.

Solar Water Heaters Installation Company

Before you choose a company to install your solar water heaters, you need to consider a few things first. Many companies offer installation services at reliable, reasonable rates. Most of these companies offer tailor-made services to ensure that you get the highest levels of satisfaction.

Why Solar Geysers Are The Best

It is now apparent that the world’s natural resources are quickly diminishing and the need for energy is continuously increasing. This has led to an increase in the exploration of renewable sources of energy ranging from wind, water, solar among others. Solar energy has proven to be the most reliable and environmentally friendly source of renewable energy prompting many governments to encourage their citizens to use it as an alternative in their homes for heating and lighting.

What Is the Next Step In Energy Storage and Preventing Inefficiency?

One of the challenges with solar and wind energy and some other alternative energies is that we don’t have access to them all the time. For instance, hydro-electric electricity in some places may not be available in the summer months, rather more readily available with the run-off of spring when the ice melts in the mountains or during the rainy seasons when the water cycle is doing its main business.

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