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Solar Power: How Does It Work?

Global warming isn’t the only concern which is causing the world to think green and adopt eco-friendly ways. There’s another significant aspect which is the increasing expense of power. With the pace of which power is being used, there’ll be a day when energy sources would be depleted.

What Is The Future Of Solar Energy

With the continuous exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources there has been a need to harness power of the renewable sources for our day to day use failure to which we will face severe consequences in future. This makes it vital to explore and identify the renewable sources of energy for example solar energy, wind, water and even geothermal sources. Most researchers however consider the solar energy as the energy of the future in their studies.

Fascinating Solar Energy Facts

Humans have been harnessing the power of the sun for thousands of years, but it’s only in recent decades that solar energy has become a major contender across the globe as a way of creating power. If you’re interested in solar energy then take a look at these fascinating facts that will teach you everything you need to know about creating energy from the sun.

Solar and Wind Energy – Not Happening

Well, I always thought it was interesting that the European Union wanted everyone around the world to turn to alternative energy and start using more wind and solar. Interestingly enough, what they really meant when they said that was for everyone else to use wind and solar that they made, as they wanted to make those devices in Europe and ship them all over the world. Meanwhile they wanted to help take down the industrial might and strength of the United States a notch or two which has historically had low energy costs and therefore a manufacturing advantage, as that would…

Commodities: OPEC’s Caution Reflects Fear of Oil Oversupply

OPEC’s recent caution reflects a degree of fear of an oil oversupply and a global fall in oil prices. The recent meeting of the 12-member oil cartel resulted in no change in price for the world’s oil supplies. Some recent concerns exist about oil oversupply because of a change in U.S. demand for oil imports. There have been recent reports of maintenance work performed on a key U.S. pipeline in a Russian oil field. Some analysts are predicting further adjustments and other disruptions that could affect the supply of oil and it’s pricing. These commodity price changes are expected to be reflected in global currency prices as well.

Top Solar-Powered Gadgets for Your Home

Britons are becomingly increasingly fond of solar panels for their homes due to the free and environmentally-friendly energy they produce. But what about the other solar gadgets and devices that you can buy for your home? Here are some of the best ones.

Energy Audits – Energy Is Not a Fixed Cost

For decades now, most businesses in North America have paid their energy bills like their taxes or insurance premiums: as a necessary evil – a cost of doing business. Only the leading minority has taken control of this cost and understood it for the opportunity that it is. But this is changing.

Save Money With This Green Energy Advice

You can save a lot of money by following these simple energy saving tips. See benefits by using green energy.

The Hidden Cost of Energy: How Hydrofracking Affects Water Purity

Hydrofracking is the process of breaking up shale rock to free natural gas trapped under it by injecting large amounts of water at an extremely high pressure. This technique allows gas extraction companies to obtain gas deposits that would not otherwise be available.

5 Suggestions for Getting 100% From Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are proving to be increasingly popular for homeowners, but are you really getting the maximum amount of power from yours? Here are five key suggestions for making sure your solar panels are performing as they should be.

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