State Department Discusses Hezbollah Intimidation In Port Of Beirut Explosion

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An Inside Look Back Into The BP Trials

New surprises are now coming to the surface in the investigation into the causes of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion being jointly conducted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement and the Coast Guard. The most startling revelation is that BP was aware of a myriad of safety issues surrounding the Deepwater Horizon, and chose, for a variety of reasons, to ignore them. Investigators are saying that given the alleged severity of the acknowledged safety issues, BP should have temporarily halted drilling operations.

What Is the UK Governments New Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a new initiative by the UK government designed to encourage millions of households across the UK to retrofit energy saving measures, and to create tens of thousands of new green sector jobs. This article explains how the green deal is going to work.

Wholesale – Lifting the Lid on Solar Panel Distribution

As a customer, its important to understand the process by which solar panels get from manufacturers to end users to ensure you’re getting a good deal. In general, most solar panel manufacturers are big companies who produce in very large quantities.

Feed-In Tariffs in the UK Have Survived, Now We Can Reduce Them!

The comprehensive spending review of October 20th could have spelt a disaster for the UK solar industry if they had instantaneously cut the feed-in tariff.  Thankfully no such cut was made and the industry can continue on as before, at least for now.

Opportunity of Jatropha Curcas Waste As Biofuel

In the last decades, the development of Jatropha curcas plants has been an increasing trend significantly. Several countries in Asia, Africa and South America develop bio diesel from its seeds.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Green Electricity Supplier

Let’s face it most of us a wary about switching our energy supplier. But what if you wanted to change to one of the green eco energy tariffs so you know that you are getting electricity that is generated by renewable means.

Solar and Wind Power – A Question of Which Is Better

There have been numerous debates about which renewable source of energy is better. This article delves into the key points that need to be considered in order to make a concrete decision on which of the two are more efficient and effective.

Energy Opportunity From Jatropha Curcas (1)

Jatropha curcas Linn also called the physic nut is plants that have been familiar to the public. In world war era, Jatropha oil is used as lubricants and aircraft fuel. As the name implies, this plant community was used as a hedge plant and as a traditional medicine, as well as fuel and lubricating oil. Development of Jatropha is very broad, originally from Central America, then spread to Africa and Asia. The extent of the development of Jatropha is because of the ease of growth.

Upcoming Nuclear Energy Investments and Versatile Geothermal Projects in Various Countries

National Economic and Development Authority has made a recent release on the versatile sustainable energy and bio energy projects are under construction and these projects will intensify the power production in the regions of the Western Visayas. The National Economic and Development Authority in the Regional Development Agenda articulated that, the committee will serve for the formation of the Medium Term Regional Development Plan and has determined various projects such as the four completed hydropower projects in the Canauilan-Barasalon Micro yielding 40-kilowatt sited in the Iloilo, Veragra-Magtuod Micro Hydro project producing 32 kilowatt and other several projects.

Development of Renewable Energy Investments Across the United States

Luigi Ferraris, the Chairperson of the Enel Green Power is expecting to invest more than 3 billion euros in the initial offering on the stock exchange of Spain and Italy to develop the Enel Green Power, a unit of the Enel SpA, one of the energy giant in the Italy. The pivotal reason for providing the initial public offering is, to render assistance for the development of the renewable energy resources in the United States and to compete with the Europe.

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