State Department Releases Video Urging Americans To Help Prevent Human Rights Abuses

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An Overview on Energy From Fossil Fuels

Oil, gas and coal are known as fossil fuels as they are formed from the remains of animals and plants. How were these fossil fuels formed, and why are they limited? Here are some important points.

The Changing Landscape In The Energy Sector

Over the past few years, the energy landscape has changed drastically. For instance, there are many things that have happened which have convinced people that fossil fuels may not be the best source of energy to depend on.

Turning Waste to Energy – A Convenient Renewable Energy Solution

Waste as it may seem, is neither just waste nor just garbage. These waste products can be reused and recycled, turning them into more useful products that can provide energy in the form of fuel or even electricity. The methods of turning waste to energy (WTE) are used to produce heat and electricity by means of incineration of waste products. Energy from waste also produces fuel such as methane, synthetic fuels and ethanol. This is done through the process of combustion, although there are other processes to turn waste to energy including non-thermal and thermal processes.

Projects to Save Energy in Queensland

Energy in Queensland has been a major focus in the environmental and economic development efforts of the state’s government. Australia has unfortunately the highest contribution in greenhouse gas emissions among all industrialized countries. Because of this its states and territories have been planning and implementing huge projects to help minimize the environmental damage their power consumption and industries have been causing.

Is Natural Gas the New Clean Energy Source?

Is natural gas the new clean energy source? Find out why natural gas is good for the environment and your wallet!

Liquid Thorium Flouride Reactors: Our Best Solution for Global Warming

This article contrasts the Liquid Thorium Flouride Reactor with the conventional Light Water Reactor. It also discusses the potential for this type of nuclear reactor to solve the current global warming problem.

An Overview of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel and it is one of the main sources of energy. It is necessary for most of our day-to-day, industrial and commercial requirements. It is very important to know some basic things about it.

Future of Small Nuclear Reactors

City, state, and local governments have to own their nuclear reactors the way they own police stations and provide electrical energy the way they do police protection. The country of Lithuania was able to provide for over 70% of energy needs for its roughly 3.6 million population in mid 1980s with one 1,500 megawatt nuclear power plant.

Killing The Monster Of Petrol Subsidy In Nigeria

If there is anything the recent House of Representatives public hearing on the petroleum products subsidy established firmly, it is the fact that abuses in the importation and payment of these products have been going on for several years. The fact that the abuses have been going on for years should not surprise anyone. Before the restoration of democratic government in 1999, for instance, Nigerians were subjected to years of not just long queues at petrol stations but also imported inferior petroleum products.

Wind Power: The Low Cost Renewable Energy Solution

Wind power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy solutions. It has little to no damaging effects to the environment compared to more traditional energy sources like fossil fuels, gas, coals, oil and nuclear generated power. While some feel that wind farms are unsightly, and the risk of avian harm is unacceptable, most recognize that the benefits outweigh the challenges for this energy option. Another challenge is of course that the wind does not blow consistently all day, each day. Still, it is a low cost energy solution ideal for many applications and locations.

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