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Natural Gas Is An Abundant Source of Energy

Natural gas is an abundant source of energy. It is a non renewable, methane based gas. It’s quite often found near petroleum deposits The majority is believed to have been created by the decomposition of tiny sea creatures and plants around 200 million years ago.

Harnessing the Gas Found in Landfills

Gas is found in landfills and almost always where ever oil is extracted from the earth. In the not too distant past this gas was simply diverted and either flared off or released into the atmosphere. Today due to stricter regulations and the dwindling of our oil reserves we strive to harness this once ‘byproduct’ in all cases.

Add Up The Alternatives

Energy is not running out, and it never will. The energy problem isn’t that less energy resources are available, but the environmental and political consequences of our current energy use are terrible. This is why there is a drive for alternatives.

The Messy History of Energy

Producing and consuming energy is a very dirty business for the most part. This might not be breaking news, but the extent of this very real problem seems to be a political question open to debate. What can be done about energy consumption?

Tips To Consider When Acquiring Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems can help you save on energy consumption. If you know little about the technology, and need advice on how to proceed with your purchase, read our tips.

Hawaii Looks to the Tides to Solve Our Energy Needs

“Hydrokinetic energy” might not immediately ring any bells to you, but if governments and private corporations around the world have their way, this technology will be coming to a beach near you. Efforts are well underway to find a financially feasible way to harness the constant power of the tides.

Why Renewable Energy Needs More Time?

Renewables still need time for development. Why is that?

The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources Over Non-Renewable Fossil Fuels

Some of the best renewable energy sources are Solar energy, Ocean energy, Geothermal energy and Wind energy. Solar energy is one of the never depleting sources of energy.

Grandeur Investment in Solar Energy to Ameliorate the Power Production

The International Energy Investments Group, established in Dublin has commenced a couple of solar power plants in France and the company has spent nearly 15 million euros for this venture and planning to invest an extra 140 million euors in other European Union solar power facilities. International Energy Investments Group is expert in solar energy projects and they are allocating large investment in energy and they welcome energy investments from foreign countries and companies.

Solar Panels – Grants

One of the most popular and growing green technologies is solar. It is a relatively unobtrusive and very low maintenance. This makes it attractive to both home owners and businesses. If you are thinking of going down the route of solar you need to know what is involved and more importantly what grants you can get.

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