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Puffy Lux

Energy Storage: Pumped Hydro Storage Solution

Pumped storages’ new use is to level fluctuating outputs of intermittent power sources. Pumped storages supply a load at times of high electricity output and during low demand of electricity, making it possible for additional system peak capacity. Pumped storage systems help in controlling electrical network frequency and generate reserve generation aside from energy management.

Straight Talk On The Peak Oil Scare

Well, in the 1970s they claimed peak oil theory, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. We keep finding more oil around the globe, and more fossil fuels, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to run out anytime soon, or leave you stranded on the side of the road because there is no gas at the gas station. All of that was just fear-based nonsense, and bad scientific figuring. It is amazing how technology and entrepreneurs will always find a way.

How Solar Incentives Are A Good Thing

Everyone knows about the advantages of using solar energy. Kids learn about it at school, and adults hear all about it on the news. Because of the rise in pollution, the need to shift to a renewable source of energy has become all the more important.

How Much Electricity Does a Wind Turbine Generate?

A Wind Turbine Generator is what makes your electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electrical machine most commonly used for wind turbines applications are those acting as generators, with synchronous generators and induction generators being commonly used in larger wind turbine generators, while smaller and home made wind turbines tend to use smaller Dynamos or DC generators. Buying a wind turbine generator to produce wind energy is not easy and there are a lot of factors to take into account. Price is only one of them. Be sure to choose an electrical machine that meets your needs.

Iraq and Oil – It’s Flowing in Some Parts, Not So Much in Others

It is interesting that people keep complaining about supply and demand when it comes to global oil, and yet there is so much oil already discovered that is not being produced. And, we keep finding more and more, along with new methods, and technologies to get at some of the more difficult reserves. It is amazing that Iraq cannot get its act together, as it is sitting on a literal gold mine in oil, but the infighting in its political structure is preventing it from being one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

Is Russia Promoting Anti-Fracking Global Media Propaganda? – Let Me Speculate

Have you ever wondered were all this negative media coverage over oil and gas fracking is coming from? Yes, it must be done carefully, and with the employee of knowledgeable geologists who know what they’re doing, but to say that it is unsafe in every case is simply hogwash. In fact, it makes a lot of sense to use this strategy.

Some Day Solar Panels Could Power All Homes

It may not be very far away in the future that solar power is used in some way or the other in very household. Most neighborhoods are using solar panels for various purposes, be it for water heating or for electricity. The fact is that lots of homes are seeing long term benefits of using solar panels for their energy needs.

Expanding and Making Your Business More Profitable by Training in Solar Energy

In recent years, the alternative energy movement has expanded and become more prominent. Going green is no longer seen as going against the current or choosing to live an alternative lifestyle.

Dangers Associated With the Oil and Gas Industry

The people who work in the oil & gas industry face many dangerous conditions every day. There are many aspects of this industry which can cause employees to get injured while working. Aspects such as transportation, drilling, storage refining etc are dangerous since oil and gas are flammable in nature.

Is Green Energy the Way Forward?

Energy in itself has no color so what do we mean by ‘green energy?’ There seems to be no single or universal definition of ‘green energy’ but it has various interpretations. Is it called green because the color green is generally aligned with nature and so whatever is benign towards nature gets labeled ‘green’, in a rather generic way?

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