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Some Things To Know About Solar Panels

Since the first photovoltaic experiment in 1839, science has been aware that it is possible to convert light into electricity. As a result, many people are developing hope that soon they will never have to pay for electricity, again. Solar panels (SPs) offer more than hope, they are being used in practical applications for both household use, and in commercial installations.

Molecule May Take Solar Mainstream

Back in the old days without electricity, playing your Stones records required charging up a battery and lugging it into the house. But remote power has gotten a lot more sophisticated since 1969-70. Researchers at MIT have come up with a technological breakthrough that could make renewable-powered energy systems self-supporting. In other words, a solar-powered home could be converted to supply electricity 24 hours a day without being hooked up to the grid.

Tidings on Energy Agreements Taking Place Across the World to Ameliorate the Energy Sector

The China National Petroleum Company has penned an agreement with Shell to ameliorate the heavy oil in Canada. The president of the China National Petroleum Company Jiang Jiemin and Peter Voser, the chief executive officer of the Royal Dutch Shell has contracted in Beijing, to develop the oil and gas projects in Canada and to enhance the coal bed methane in China.

Your Green Electricity Options

If you are looking to switch to green electricity then you have two options. Your first option is to generate the electricity yourself using renewable energy technologies. The second is to switch to a green tariff with one of the energy providers. Let’s take a closer look at these two possibilities.

Solar Gaining Larger Profile In The Golden State

California is embracing solar in a big way with massive farms approved in Southern California, one of the nation’s largest school projects and with rooftops throughout the state getting systems. Whether that continues remains to be seen, but right now, solar is shining.

How Energy Efficient Are You?

In recent years, an increasing focus on energy efficiency and its consequences. This means we are increasingly concerned with personal power. Yet it appears that the average…

Nicola Tesla’s Dream – Free Radiant Energy From Sky

Is there such a thing as “free energy from the sky” or is it just a dream? Well, Nicola Tesla tried to make it happen more than one hundred twenty years ago. Unfortunately, his plan did not materialize for some reason or another. When he confessed his true motive of providing free electricity to the world, his sponsor backed out. But he did made a small successful trial in harnessing radiant energy from the sky using his magnifying transmitter.

Sources of Sustainable Energy

Numerous options exist as alternatives to fossil fuel dependence. This article explores the main alternatives.

Biosphere Technology for Environmental Recovery

The environment is in turmoil because of man’s perilous actions. The planet has constantly been the ultimate sacrifice in mankind’s search for efficient energy. The industries as well as the societies of today are all driven by technology and are therefore gravely dependent on energy. And as we progress in the realm of technology the more efficient the energy we need becomes. This thirst for efficiency has always been the primary concern and most consumers forget about the environment.

Historical Facts About Renewable Energy

The latest craze today is about renewable energy and many are seeing this as the lifeline for the future. Teachers and their pupils ought to take this subject very seriously in order to acquaint the children with renewable energy sources. This is a vast topic for any discussion purposes but anyone who wishes to do any projects at all on renewable energies must first identify a place of enjoyment in it.

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