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How to Reduce The Pinch of Gas and Electricity Costs

Continued increase in the gas and electricity costs has hit many people hard in the recent times. Suddenly, you have to spend more than you used to on the same amount of goods and services or even less.

How to Save On Gas and Electricity Charges

Recent times have seen an increase in the prices of gas and electricity. In fact, everyone is feeling the pinch of the inflation.

Swedish Skeptics Confirm “Nuclear Process” in Tiny 4.7 KW Reactor

An amazing new clean power source on a human scale may soon heat your home. But the news media has ignored this game-changing breakthrough because it sounds too much like “cold fusion”, which most people think was a fraud. The fact is, there are hundreds of these devices already in operation in four countries.

Tiny Town Could Be Ground Zero For Clean Energy

California’s San Joaquin Valley is courting the renewable energy industry with all the finesse of hillbilly Lil Abner trying to entice a partner at an upscale waltz. He’s got the chops, but those combat boots. Firebaugh may prove to be the Valley’s Love Potion No. 9. The tiny west-side community of 7,000 hasn’t let its rural character and farm field sentiments get in its way as it seeks to attract its share of perhaps the biggest potential energy development prize of the coming decade. So far, it’s got two sectors — solar and biofuel — in the wings and is pursuing sustainability and a regional clean energy leadership with vigor and, more importantly, real finesse.

Clean Energy May Provide College Graduates With Jobs in 4 Years

Watching my oldest son and his classmates get ready to head off to college has given me some insight into the next generation’s dreams and desires. Their views of the future haven’t yet been clouded with the jaded, cynical perspectives of their parents. They wanted to be doctors, lawyers, CIA agents. And they wanted to change the world. But what exactly will they face once they get out? The economic picture is not pretty, even for college graduates with top scores and vivid intentions of success. But clean energy is looking good. A new study says costs will decline and jobs could break loose over the next couple of years.

Energy is Important Regardless of the Nation – A Look at China, It’s Serious

Much of the success of the United States has been due to our incredible energy infrastructure and the economies of scale which has caused that energy generation to remain at a low cost. That gave the United States the advantage for superior output. Many believe that’s why the United States won World War II, as we merely out produced the Germans building aircraft, ships, guns, and tanks.

Rossi’s Reactors – Reality or Fiction?

An Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi, demonstrated a new kind of a nuclear reactor. Based on nickel fuel, rather than on uranium, it is said to release nuclear energy without releasing any long-lasting radioactivity. Practical application of this invention is scheduled for October 2011.

Solar Air Conditioning (SAC) – Guilt-Free Comfort for Summers

In the midst of saving ourselves from the fury of the nature, we are inadvertently attacking the nature more and more, which keeps returning even more furiously every now and then. Let’s not forget we have an immense source of energy in the very Sun that we’re shielding ourselves from. Yes, solar energy can light up our homes and cook our food. But can it also cool our houses? The answer again is yes. Read on…

Home Solar Power – What Are The 2 Most Common Ways to Harness Energy From The Sun?

Home solar power systems involve different techniques to harvest power from the sun. They are largely classified into 2 main categories — active and passive. Different techniques have their individual benefits and costs. Let’s take a closer look at each technique.

Saving Energy Is Important – Easy Ways in Which You Can Conserve on Electricity!

There are a variety of different things that you and your family can do to save on the electricity that you use in your home. A lot of the things that you can do are free or just cost very little to switch over to. The biggest thing about trying to conserve on electricity is the discipline. It takes discipline to break our old habits which tend to be quite wasteful when you come to think about it.

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