‘There Is Some Shared Set Of Interest’: Ned Price Discusses Taliban And US Goal Of Stopping ISIS-K

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Will the BP Oil Disaster Stimulate Growth in Solar Installations?

I was at a friend’s house yesterday afternoon doing a solar site evaluation and I had a really interesting conversation about the BP oil catastrophe.  She mentioned something that sounded funny to me at first.  She said that the oil  spill must be having a positive impact on the solar industry.

Life Expectancy of Solar Photovoltaic Panels

You’ve bought into the idea of generating electricity through solar means, so now what? Naturally, any homeowner or business interested in photovoltaic power wants to know how long these panels will actually last.

Microgrid Generation is the Solution to the Energy Crisis

I meet a lot of people who think they can’t solve the energy problem going on in the world.  They believe it’s up to the government and the utilities to figure that out. Even if these same people support renewable energy, they still think they can’t make a difference.

Energy Saving Devices – Do They Work?

Even before the Global Financial Crisis rolled in waves throughout the country and across the globe, people have been looking for innovative and practical ways to conserve energy. This scenario is through even on various states like Texas where Energy Deregulation has been the norm for a considerable number of years now, giving residents the power to select their Retail Electric Providers.

Discover Going Green – Why You Should Convert to Green Energy Sources

Have you wondered what people were talking about when they said they were “going green?” Have they lost their minds? What are they talking about?

Texas Electricity Market Deregulation – Verdict – Yea Or Nay?

The energy market in Texas was a monopoly until just a few years ago; in any given area, one single utility managed the transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity to consumers. Deregulation, which gave consumers the possibility to choose their Retail Electricity Provider (REP), was supposed to do for the power industry what it had done in the telecommunications and airline industries: bring consumers lower prices and more competition. While the promise of significantly lower costs has not yet materialized, deregulation has led to a number of positive changes: intensified competition, greater use of green/renewable energy sources, and increased efficiency of existing power plants.

Plans For Do it Yourself Homemade Solar Panels

This article deals with info related to solar energy. Everyone is familiar with about the power problems around the globe, due to this situation the cost of energy has increased all over.

Energy Conservation and Energy Policy

Every few years or so energy conservation seems to come up on the radar as one of the possible planks in a national energy policy of the US. And it sounds so romantic and laudable that we all feel guilty for not doing it.

Reducing Commercial Utility Costs Through HVAC Retrofitting

One of the biggest issues with making a commercial building energy efficient is knowing where to start. Ideally, an older building would receive a top to bottom makeover from an energy efficiency company.

Wind Energy – Unlimited Source of Energy

Wind is a very powerful energy which is very essential to use properly for maximum benefits. It is associated with the movements of atmospheric air. Wind power is a form of solar power, as wind is created by the heat of the sun. The solar radiation heats all parts of the surface of the earth but in different levels. Different surfaces of the earth, like soil, water, sand and stones absorb, reflect, retain and emit different amount of heat.

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