‘This Is A S—show’: Lindsey Graham Blames Biden For Unsecured Southern Border

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How Solar Energy Will Revolutionize the World

Being a so called new kid on the block, solar energy is new in comparison to other types of energy producers such as fossil fuels, hydro energy, or nuclear for energy. We already know that solar energy is a clean, renewable, and environmentally safe energy for producing electricity with no carbon foot print.

Solar Energy Rebates In Australia

There are a number of solar energy rebates in Australia and you can literally save thousands of dollars when you know the way to integrate these into your life. There are rebates for many different renewable energy options such as on grid connected and off grid solar panels, solar hot water or solar pumping systems. If you qualify for one of the Australian Government’s renewable energy rebates, subsidies or grants then you could save a lot of money on your energy expenditure. Home solar power rebate…

China is Said to Be the Leader of Alternative Energy Generation – Perhaps Soon Clean-Coal Too?

It is amazing how much money we are spending putting in giant solar farms, giant wind farms, and yet we don’t spend enough money upgrading our coal-fired plants to run the new clean coal technologies. There are all sorts of ways to retrofit our coal-fired plants to bring them into compliance and improve the emissions air quality, and get them to a place of extremely low pollution output, one which is desirable amongst the environmentalists, the EPA, and other government regulators. It seems the Department of Energy has given away tons of grants, and helped entrepreneurs and researchers find…

The Golden Years of Natural Gas Are Coming

A recent report published by the IEA (International Energy Agency) entitled “Are we entering a golden age of gas?” sparked a series of discussions across the globe about the future of gas. Many energy market experts came forward to express their opinions and thoughts about the report which led me to write this article.

Propane and Heating Oil Downside Protection: Reasons For and Against

Heating oil and propane price protection plans are full of complex terminology that can be confusing. Heating your home or business with heating oil and propane is a significant expenditure, and it is important that consumers clearly understand the elements and terms of heating oil price contracts so they can make an informed choice.

Alternative Energy Sources Like Small Hydro Can Sustain Small Communities

There are different types of alternative energy sources and for each source, you can also expect different types of power plants that can do the energy generation. This is true as well for the hydropower option; there are at least three types of power plants. And the basis of categorization of these plants is their power capacity.

It’s the Economy – Energy Efficiency Gains Big Believers

Bill Clinton said it best: “It’s the economy, stupid.” The former president reiterated his economy comment in a piece in Newsweek, offering energy efficiency measures as several of 14 ways to jump start the U.S. economy and create jobs. the practice is gaining friends in high places and in a matter of a couple years has become common practice.

Wind Turbines And The Direction Of Renewable Energy

Wind turbines are one of the safest and cleanest means of generating energy and wind farms are a sustainable solution to our energy crisis. There is significant growth in the wind-turbine industry around the globe and many offshore projects are being planned and implemented now.

3 Developments Accelerate Clean Energy Evolution

When I was 17, I discovered how fast my step-father’s then almost-new 1976 SR5 Celica fastback would go. 105 mph. Urging me on was a not-so-shabby Chevelle. It passed me heading out the deserted Glenn Highway near Mirror Lake going about 90. I blew past it at what I discovered to be top speed, catching a little air on the rolling frost heaves outside Anchorage.

Rossi E-Cat, Clean Energy for All – What a Dream Come True, But Is It?

In January 2011 the Italian Inventor Andrea Rossi presented a new invention called E-cat. This invention produces safe energy by getting water to boil with the help of Cold Fusion. In other words he has found a way to combine Nickel and Hydrogen into Copper and getting lots of energy out from the process. This has been deemed by the Scientific community impossible, but this inventor has walked his own path and instead of publishing all information in the normal way as scientist does, he has started by building a factory even before the world wants to realize that it exists.

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