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Energy in the Next 30 Years

We are now in the early stages of an energy revolution that is profound and rapid as the one that ushered in the age of oil in the 21st century. This new energy system – highly decentralized, efficient, and based increasingly on renewable resources and hydrogen fuel- is already beginning to emerge in other parts of the world.

Energy in the 21st Century

Energy may be the most important factor that will influence the shape of society in the 21st century. The cost and availability of energy significantly impacts our quality of life, the health of national economies between nations, and the stability of our environment. What kind of energy do we want to use in our future?

LED’s Are The Choice For Cost Efficient and Eco-Friendly Lighting

LED lighting, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, has become the top choice for homes, businesses, organizations and governments that want to be eco-friendly and also save some serious cash. These lights have become recognized for their excellent efficiency, extraordinary visual advantages, durability and their longer lasting light. LED’s have long been used in things like flashlights, circuit boards and other electronics, but only in recent years have they become much more widespread and used in just about every facet of life and business, replacing other types of lights in so many areas.

Emerging Business Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector in India

This article highlights the role and opportunities for entrepreneurs in changing the energy economics in India. The synopsis provides the recommendations for the entrepreneurs to develop an effective business plan.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Going Green With Solar Panel Installations

For some business owners, installing solar panels for their company is a big operational decision. After all, time, cost, throughput, and ongoing maintenance of your system can add up. Fortunately, there are many reasons for businesses to install solar panels other than just being environmental friendly.

Nuclear Energy Is A Future Renewable Energy Source

Nuclear energy is not considered today a renewable energy source due to the fact that uranium the main fuel used to generate electricity in nuclear reactors is a finite resource. Also, the nuclear fission reaction used by nuclear power plants to produce clean energy releases large amounts of nuclear waste, which is hazardous for the environment.

Solar Energy Bringing In A Much Needed Change

If you are one of those who cares deeply about the usage of electricity for the endless electronic devices that we make use of today, solar energy is a good way or reassuring yourself that there is a way of carrying on with the same work but with the usage of a more noble mode of energy which is the solar energy. The process of deriving pure energy from the sun is a great one and using it for various beneficial reasons is even better. Whoever invented it must have had the best interest in heart to…

In a World of Distributed Renewables, Who Is Going to Pay for the Power Grid and How?

A quick birds-eye perspective of the state of the transmission system and who is going to pay for it with the vast uptake of distributed renewables. Looking at both the utility companies, government and the end-user.

The Comparison Between Business Energy Prices on Gas & Electricity

Gas and electricity are some of the biggest business expenses and can be difficult to manage if you don’t have the right tariff and supplier. Many businesses rely on either electricity or gas energy to operate efficiently.

A Guide to Switching Your Business’ Energy

The energy consultant guides the consumers to find and choose the best energy plans for their business. An efficient plan can save a lot of money at the end of every cycle.

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