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Solar Power – How to Harness It

Finding an alternative power source is today’s crusade against the usage of fossil fuel power. If you are confused about this because you do not know anything about it, you came to the right place because we would be the one to enlighten you on the quest of searching for an alternative power source. Actually, you do not have to work out for the discovery of such power source for it has already been discovered.

Solar Power – How It Works and How to Use It

What is solar power? Why is it important to know it? Why do we need to learn the ways of utilizing it?

Gas Prices Are Going Up Again

Just when we felt that there was some consumer relief at the gas pump, an article in USA Today stated that “Gas prices turn up, could put damper on economy”. That is just what the economy didn’t need as the average family already spends nearly 20% of it’s budget on fuel.

From the Earth to the Moon With Clean Energy

American ingenuity has raged this the past century like Genghis Khan through technological obstacles. What was science fiction just decades ago can now be held in the palm of a hand or the top of a pinhead. Now, if only that drive can be applied to clean energy, we’d be able to foster something like the space race of the 1960s.

The Google Side Of Wind Energy

The internet giant Google has always been known as a company that looks to the future and so far they have done a very good job of predicting what people want when it comes to the internet. So, why is Google investing millions in the wind energy industry? Is it a risky venture or really good planning?

Reviewing The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power

Solar power has a lot of advantages over the other sources of energy. Its worthy to consider these advantages because it can serve you with a good deal of benefits. Though it is also wise to learn the disadvantages of solar power, knowing that there are also ideas that do not agree with it’s efficiency.

Peak Oil and Other Doom, Gloom, and Dire Predictions Which Just Aren’t So!

Some time back in the 1970s someone introduced the term; peak oil. What they were saying was; we were running out of oil in the world, and if we continued down that path there would be shortages. Indeed, there were shortages, and they were created by OPEC, environmentalists, and bureaucrats.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy the contemporary energy source has numerous advantages for the world to enjoy. It is not just power generation but goes way beyond to submarine power, boost agricultural productivity, etc.

The Many Ways Energies Are Used

Man has always understood the importance of energy. This has inspired him to use these energies in many ways. Here we will see how through different inventions man is using the energies of the sun.

Energy Efficiency – The Other Alternative Fuel

Solar energy is the most direct and clean renewable energy on the earth. As energy issues become more prominent, for the progress and development of solar photovoltaic technology, solar street light applications are being increasingly widely appreciated. It absorbs energy sun light, charging during the day, using in the evening. It is easy to manage, without laying the expensive cable. The bright of light can be adjustable. It is safe, energy saving and no pollution of the environment.

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