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Billions in Hidden Fossil Fuel Costs Could Amplify Case for Clean Energy

Hidden costs lurk everywhere. Buy a car on credit and pay double the sticker price. Same with a house. For instance, adjustable mortgages and balloon payments contributed mightily to the real estate meltdown. And taxes take a big bite. Just ask any small businessperson. Maybe that’s why we Americans like our energy costs low, or at least relatively. But there are hidden costs there, too.

Algae Biofuel Develops Momentum – Could We See $30 Bbl Fuel?

Algae keeps nosing around clean energy news. It doesn’t have the sunny cache of solar or the exotic qualities of wind, tidal and geothermal power. But the rapidity of algae fuel’s reported advances are hard to ignore.

Some Suppliers of Green Energy

Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation is a company that currently provides Biosphere Technology for waste management and green energy production. This technology is a waste to energy system that converts waste materials into green energy using gasification process.

Is Clean Coal A Myth?

Coal is extremely important to the heath of the U.S. economy. As a country, we depend on coal more than any other fuel source except for gas and oil.

Food Production Still Depends Too Heavily On Oil

Continued use of oil and petroleum products in industrial-style farming is energy inefficient and will not be able to continue as oil stocks run out. Sustainable farming using more natural products, such as biopesticides, can improve food quality and protect the planet.

Who is Really Behind the Push for Alternative Energy – Can We Trust Them?

Breathe in breathe out, now don’t you feel better? Sure you do unless you are breathing polluted air, and so the story goes, with all the fear and guilt the alternative energy sector can must. You know what, I want clean air too, I am a jogger and I like clean air, I breathe deeper than most and I want the full benefit of my oxygenated blood cells.

China’s Rise and Future Challenges With Oil Supply

The world will need much more oil in the future, especially as China fills up its National Reserves, and its industrial capacity and economy marches on. More and more people are buying automobiles in China, they are opening up the friendly skies to general aviation, and buying more airliners. They are also floating more ships in their navy, plus those cargo container ships also need fuel.

What Can a Country Do to Minimize the Negative Effects of High Crude Prices?

Nothing is more important these days than managing Petroleum or Energy portfolios in various countries around the world. The ability of crude oil to impact economy of a country has made it such an important commodity to manage. The reason which makes this a complex job is that most of the countries have to rely on crude imports to meet their requirement of oil and the prices on which they import this commodity are further determined by demand-supply forces prevailing in the international markets. As oil is required to fuel growth of any economy in the world, an unprecedented rise in its price could negatively impact a nation’s growth. However there are few ways in which a nation can limit this impact if not completely negate it.

UK Government Grants

Recent initiatives by the British government provide cash for micro-generation of renewable energy. The Generation Tariff and the Feed In Tariff are attractive in that if the financial provision is well devised, they will not only lower energy bills, but provide revenue for 25 years, overall, more than offsetting any loan repayments. The Generation Tariff pays home owners, small businesses, schools etc for ALL the energy generated, including that actually used by the same.

How Long Until We No Longer Run Our Transportation on Oil? – Do We Need to Switch Now?

We’ve all heard of peak oil theory, that’s when we run out of oil reserves and then all the industrialized nations of the world have to come to terms with the reality that there is no more. Oil is the fuel that drives us around, without it we have a severe economic challenge and a big problem with distribution, meaning you and I can’t go anywhere, and nothing can get to the shelves of the super market. Scared yet?

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